Minutes of September 10, 2008 meeting

Andy Martinez (Coordinator), Elsa Alves, Mary Brodman, Kimberly Kaiser, Rob Krack, Bill Lynch, Eugene McElroy, Shirley Peck, Brian Stubbs (Recorder), Eddie Suarez, Melody Tomaszewicz, Paul Young
McNally, Jeff Teichmann, Penny Weniger


Information Sharing

Andy (Coordinator): Andy reported that Roselyn Riley from the Art Library and Melanie Miller from the Math Library will no longer be members of the group. Roselyn is moving to the Resource Sharing Group and Melanie is moving to the Circulation Group. The group thanks Melanie and Roselyn for all of their service to the group.

Penny Weniger from the Douglass Library will not attend meeting this semester so that she can attend Billing Group meetings.

Andy will work on completing a breakdown of RUL collections by LC call number classes. Those circulating collections will also be broken down by LC call number class and circulation. This information may be posted to the Staff Resources Page.

Elsa (Dana): Elsa reported that a Folio Collection has been created at Dana. The collection has about 1,200 items. Elsa is preparing for a shift of the Stacks Collection.

Mary (Alexander): Mary reported that work continues on the shift of the Government Documents Collection, now that a range that was unstable has been repaired. To help with this shift, an oversize collection has been created for the Government Documents Collection. Work also continues on the shift of the Periodical Collection. As the shifts are completed, range guides have been updated and installed.

Kim (Kilmer): Kim reported on the ongoing weeding of the Career Collection. She continues to review collection management procedures with Kilmer part-time employees.

Rob (Alexander): Rob reported on the ongoing Alexander Library Bound Periodical Collection shift. Also, folio size items have been removed from the Bound Periodical Collection and have been shifted to the Alexander Library Per-Folio Collection. Work continues on the cataloging of these items.

Bill (Douglass): Bill completed a mini-shift of the HQ call number class in the Stacks Collection. This shift has provided some additional space for growth in the call number range. He also reported that many of the services provided at the Music Library have now been integrated into Douglass Library Access Services. Bill is now responsible for collection management for Music.

Eugene (SMLR): Eugene reported that a project has been completed dealing with an archive collection at SMLR. Also, storage space at SMLR may be converted into office space for a labor-relations journal.

Shirley (Alexander): Shirley reported on how she has dealt with the change in the in-process procedures.

Eddie (LSM): Eddie reported that the shift of the Stacks Collection and Folio Collection has been completed. Sorting shelves for the Stacks Collection have been placed at the end of the collection. Eddie has completed a rough draft of the Pest Awareness documents and is working on revised floor maps for LSM.

Melody (DTS): Melody reported that the follow-up to the Art Library inventory project has been completed. Work continues on the Government Documents project at the Alexander Library, where FOR and INT items have been internally relocated to the DOC collection.

Paul (Alexander/LSM): Paul reported on his work with the Alexander Library Government Document Collection, both the shift and internal relocate project.

Follow-Up to Item Type Conversion

Andy reported on some of the statistics/accomplishments of this conversion:

As part of this project, items pertaining to "in-process", "circ-on-the-fly", and "localmaint" were converted. Revised procedures dealing with these items have been circulated to staff.

A reminder that Access Staff should not be removing the check from the "Circulate" field. As part of this project, approximately 47,000 items that had the "Circulate" field unchecked were checked off.

If CM staff identify items with problematic item types, they should work with the appropriate local technical services office (DTS) to fix those items.

Annual Report For CMG

The group reviewed the 2007-2008 annual report and statistics. Some of the highlights were discussed, such as the completion of the Art Library Inventory Project, the completion of several collection shifts across NBL, and the creation of new shelving locations at several sites.

The statistics for collection management were also discussed. These statistics include shelving, shelf-reading, searches, in-process, and shifting.

CMG Goals For 2008-2009

Andy will distribute a draft document to the group containing possible goals for the 2008-2009 fiscal year. Group members are asked to review the document and provide feedback on goals.

The remaining two agenda items were tabled for the next meeting.

Next Meeting

Wednesday, October 8, 2008
2:30 - 4:30 pm
Location TBA

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