Minutes of April 8, 2009 meeting

Andy Martinez (Coordinator), Elsa Alves, Mary Brodman, Kimberly Kaiser, Rob Krack, Bill Lynch, Eugene McElroy, Shirley Peck, Brian Stubbs, Eddie Suarez (Recorder), Melody Tomaszewicz, Yuhwei Ling (special guest)
Teri McNally, Penny Weniger


Discussion on Superseded Items – Yuhwei Ling

There was a system-wide duplicates cancellation project that took place in late 2008. As a result of which, many duplicate annual-type titles were cancelled. The option was presented to the selectors to have some of these titles go from library to library. This was done in cases where one library did not need the most current year/edition/volume.

Two categories of superseded titles:

All volumes superseded from one library to another must go through either ALEX DTS or LSM DTS (depending on the branch) for processing. This includes Dana materials, which are handled at LSM.

Yuhwei was able to discuss some of the workflows associated with the superseded items. He also answered questions from the group concerning titles that directly impact their sites. Some general information pertaining to superseded items: Do not send items directly to a superseded library. For titles that need to be superseded, a processing slip will be included with the volume. Please pay attention to processing slip. It will indicate what needs to be pulled and where to send it (Alex or LSM). Please direct questions on superseded titles to Yuhwei.

Information Sharing

Andy (Coordinator): reported that Jeff Techiman is no longer a member the collection management group due to obligations from other functional groups. The quarterly missing book report will be ready by the week of April 13.

Elsa (Dana): shift of periodical section is complete. The STACKS shift is half-way done.

Rob, Mary, and Brian (Alexander): shifted DOC and DOCNJ collections government documents. Approximately half the aisle that was affected by the water link in December has been vacuumed and cleaned. Vacuuming books with the HEPA equipped vacuum is ongoing. Aisle that was affected by the water leak in December was checked for moldy books. The books that were moldy were sent to Vernon.

Some of the older FOLIO shelving in EAL has been dismantled and the FOLIO books were transferred to new shelving on a stanchion. Shelving form LSM has replaced the older shelving units and now houses Current Periodicals for EAL.

The sub-basement project was completed over spring break. Much of the older shelving has been moved out of the sub basement and is awaiting pick up from Rutgers surplus. Thanks were extended to the collection management staff that assisted in the project. Antoinette Peteet and Diarl Bush are working on the Reference weeding project. Preliminary planning work for shifting EAL collection and reorganizing of EAL FOLIO collection is underway.

Kim (Kilmer): preparing for the carpet installation in the Kilmer reference section by consolidating collections and relocating items. Planning for the Career collection shift will begin following this step.

Bill (Douglass): reported a shift of the microfilm collection of about 60 items.

Eddie (LSM): Shift of the third floor periodical section is underway. Floor maps for LSM have been designed and are now in the process of being printed. Map cases were installed on the second and third floors.

Melody (DTS): Phase one of the Alexander weed has been completed. A transfer of the business collection from Alexander to Kilmer is underway.

Review of Midyear Report– Andy Martinez

A draft of the Collection Management midyear report was shown to group members. The focus of the report was placed on group membership changes, support of academic excellence, enhancement of library spaces, and organizational effectiveness. A listing of group documentation posted to the staff resources pages was also highlighted in the report as well as programs attended on collection management issues such as disaster planning and the Infolink swap.

Group members were advised to keep careful watch over their statistics to recognize patterns and trends concerning their libraries’ collections.

Review of Documentation on the Staff Resource Page– Andy Martinez

Reviewing the documentation of the staff resource page the group has decided to update specific manuals. The water emergency PowerPoint will be handled by Eddie, Rob and Kim. The moldy item procedures will be updated with J client graphics by Brian, who will also updates the water emergency supply list with Kim. The updates are schedule to be completed in September.

Next Meeting

Wednesday, May 13, 2009
2:30 – 4:30 pm
Location TBA

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