Minutes of September 15, 2010 meeting

Edward Suarez, Jamie McGuire, Kimberly Kaiser, Alex Arencibia, Robert Krack.(Minutes), Bill Lynch, Fred Onorato, Shirley Peck, Mary Brodman
Theresa Macklin, Andy Martinez


Information sharing

Eddie (LSM): Training the new student workers is underway. The returns and items checked in for marked item use have begun to accumulate on the sorting shelves, but this will be addressed once the new students are ready to shelve.

Bill (Douglass): Douglass has received a lot of returns in the past month. Most of the new students have been trained so the shelving has been kept up with. The shift of the West room continues to make room for a new conference room near the multimedia lab. The West room will lose one range of shelving to accommodate the new room. Construction should begin at the end of the semester.

Kim (Kilmer): Kim finished training the new students and reviewing shelving practices with the returning students. The sorting shelves are packed with books from the beginning of the semester. The transfers for the business section have slowed down so Kim is making room before the next batch arrives. There are also new shelf tags in the area of the stacks where the business transfers have come in.

Alex (Camden): Shelving is under control. Alex is planning a mini-shift in the stacks to incorporate recent transfers from the Reference collection. There is roof, lighting and carpet construction and replacement ongoing throughout the building.

Jaime (DTS): Working on the EAL bound periodicals and Doc Annex transfers. There are also weeding projects in both Alex and Art. Jaime is also training new students.

Rob, Mary, Fred & Shirley (Alexander): EAL: Mary is working with Tao on bar-coding periodicals to go to the basement and to the Annex. Jamie and Katrina have been working to inventory the items already downstairs. Fred has been working on putting some of the overflow books and backlogged shelving away. We also started a shift of the EAL main collection. Shirley processed the backlogged EAL In-Process this morning.

Gov Docs: Carpet was installed in the hall between the elevators and ILL. Because of the carpet installation the DOCUS-Ref collection started to lean over. Library Interiors came in and braced the ranges that were leaning over. We also have to replace the bottom shelves in that area and re-shelve the ASI/SRI microfiche.

There is a new leak in the basement due to a corroded pipe.

There are no student workers yet, as the new students are going through orientation, but there should be students to train next week. There is currently a backlog in searching and the loose books need to be picked up from the main collection, but when the new group of collection management students is trained we should be able to catch up.

Accompanying materials

The group discussed how smaller units may not have specific shelving locations for many sub-classifications like Stacks-Com for example. Locations that have existing areas for these sub-locations will continue to use them, but libraries who do not have existing area for these types of materials may need to integrate it into a collection.

Smaller branch libraries may run into this dilemma on the account of not having a space for dedicated collections. Eddie will inquire with the branches if they need dedicated areas for special materials.

Missing pages

The group discussed new procedures for missing pages. If Rutgers does not own a duplicate copy of a print material then it will not be possible to obtain replacement pages. It was proposed that materials with missing pages that cannot be replaced be stamped damaged and a note be added to the Circ and Pub fields of the item record to indicate the pages are missing. Two proposed formats for the note are as follows:

Pages XX-XX are missing from this copy of the materials. You may request a copy through the PALCI or Interlibrary Loan system. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The pages XX-XX are missing from this publication. A replacement copy for this book may be ordered through our PALCI or Interlibrary loan service. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The selectors will be contacted in regards to materials with missing pages to determine if they would pursue replacing the material or if the material should be shelved as is.

Next Meeting: (October meeting postponed)
Date: Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Time: 2:30 - 4:30 pm
Main Location: Special Collections Room, LSM, CAC
Satellite Locations: Special Collections Room, Dana Library, Newark Campus

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