Minutes of February 9, 2011 meeting

Edward Suarez, Kimberly Kaiser, Alex Arencibia, Bill Lynch, Robert Krack (minutes), Fred Onorato, Theresa Macklin
Andy Martinez, Jamie Maguire, Mary Brodman, Shirley Peck


Information Sharing

Please note: updates are from the CM Sakai message board

Eddie (LSM): At LSM we reshelved the end of the year returns during intersession. Books on the tables and in the aisles were cleaned after finals ended. The counter in the old DTS offices was removed and the space will be turned into a study area. The shelving brackets attached to the walls of the DTS office will be removed and held in the LSM basement until they are surplus. We have caught up with the quarterly missing book list.

Kim (Kilmer): Over the break, I shifted 4 sections at the beginning of reference to fill in the space from withdrawn items. I also shifted to make space in the HG5400s because the shelves were packed with returns and we had to integrate new books into the area. The stacks were checked for used materials that needed reshelving and I was able to fill 3 1/2 shelves of a cart with these books. Aside from a leak in the boiler room (not over the collection) and some difficulties with the doors, all else has been good.

Rob (Alexander): For the month of January Mary and Alan were both out of the office. Alan returned on Feb. 7th and we are now making progress on our backlogged searching, in-processing and project work. Mary will be returning March 1st.

We're trying a new procedure with our shelving. As we have not been able to shelf read our collection in a long time we are beginning to experience issues with not being able to find books to fill holds. In order to help combat this problem we have instituted a "you touch it, you fix it," policy. Basically any book that is touched during the act of shelving must be checked to ensure that it is shelved correctly.

While it appeared that we had substantially more shelving than previous years for January, the statistics revealed that there were only 600 more books from returns this year than in 2010. In the five weeks since we have begun this procedure we have reshelved approximately 4,700 additional books. The new procedure is not meant to replace shelf reading, but should help remedy the situation until we can resume shelf reading our collections. While this has slowed down the rate at which we shelve. The number of corrections should eventually decrease to the point where it will have a minimal impact on shelving time. The number of reshelves has already decreased in some areas of the collection and should help alleviate the problem of not being able to fill holds.

The shelves in the current periodical room have been removed for the installation of the new cafe. The current periodicals have been relocated to the old wing and are now shelved in a small area at the end of the bound periodical collection. We are currently in the process of taking the disassembled shelving and storing it in the sub-basement. However, it appears that not all of the shelving will fit in the remaining space. If collection management members are in need of shelving for their units, please feel free to come to Alexander and take some shelving. We must resolve the issue before construction of the new cafe begins.

New shelves were also installed in Reference for the Ref-Folio and Reference Atlas collections.

The EAL project has been resumed. One cart of BDCHKO books was taken to DTS last week and is being processed. The project was postponed over intersession.

The Government Documents collection is mostly caught up. The books in the collection have been shelved, but there is a back log of microfiche in the ASI, SRI and DOC UN collections.

EAL is mostly caught up with shelving and the EAL In-Processing has been completed as of 2/8. We have begun searching the In-Transit and missing book lists that were back logged from January.

William (Douglass): At Douglass the West room shift continues - unfortunately my best shifter is no longer working at the library this semester, so I had to train new students to help out. The end is in sight, though. After another few ranges are shifted I will go ahead and do one last measure to make sure we aren't leaving too much space on each shelf (which ended up being the case earlier on in the shift).

Enormous amounts of new DVDs have been coming in for Media. In one day I received over 80 In- Process DVDs, which is more than the combined total for the prior seven months. I was informed there would be more large batches arriving in the near future.

Our in-transit lists have grown again as new students forget to use the "Receive Transit" wizard for Music items after they have been discharged at the Douglass circulation desk. Keeping up with that list and making sure the appropriate actions are taken on the items continues to be a priority.

Intersession workload discussion

Eddie wanted to examine the impact of increased use of the RDS and PALCI system have had on end of the year shelving. Most units reported no change in the number of books being shelved but did report that the books came back in late January instead of late December. Alexander was the only unit to report an increase which was probably due to the implementation of the new policy discussed in information sharing.

Mid-year report items

Eddie asked that staff for information to be included in the mid-year report, specifically past, present and future project work. Information should be sent to Eddie via email as soon as possible.

Alexander Current Periodical shelf removal

In order to make room for the new café at Alexander library the current periodical collection had to be moved to the North Wing of the building. DTS weeded and consolidated the collection and sent several microfilm collections to the Annex. Library Interiors was contracted to dismantle the shelving and put up new shelving for current periodicals. The remainder of the shelving was left to either be put away or surplus.

Rob asked the other Collection Management members if they could help put shelving in the sub-basement at Alex and if they needed any shelving at their units. The group did not currently need shelving and Eddie said that he would work out a schedule for group members if they wanted to go to Alex to help put the shelving in storage.

Rob had already removed some shelving that was to be surplus in the last round of cleaning and put some of the wooden shelving in the basement. However, there are many stanchions and shelves in good condition that need to be moved to the basement provided there is space to store them.

Douglass duplicate project

Eddie outlined the procedures for the Douglass duplicate project. A list of approximately 36,000 books that had copies at both the Douglass library and other units was generated and then split among the group members. The procedure will be to search the items at the units and determine if they are in decent condition. If the book on the shelf is in a deteriorated condition, then the material should be pulled and replaced with the Douglass copy. However, because all transfers will have to be processed by DTS, the books in the other locations should be in bad shape before being considered for replacement to keep the number of transfers to a minimum.

Next Meeting

Date: March 16, 2011
Time: 2:30pm-4:30pm
Location: Main Location: LSM Special Collections Room
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