Minutes of January 11, 2012 meeting

Edward Suarez, Jamie McGuire, Kimberly Kaiser, Robert Krack (minutes), Shirley Peck, Irina Radeva

Information Sharing

LSM: There is a backlog on shelving. LSM is still working on a shift on the third floor as well as weeding the Reference collection to eliminate aisles and open up areas for public spaces.

Kilmer: Preparation for the expansion OIT computer lab has began. Kilmer completed a back shift of the A's in the stacks and shifted the entire Reference collection upstairs into this new space. Many items were withdrawn and or transferred from the Reference collection into the STACKS as part of the move. The current periodicals were moved into the staff area and RecRead was moved behind the reference desk. Construction for the new lab has been postponed until summer. November quarterly missing book reports were completed. We are working on reviewing call number rules with students and catching up on shelving.

Alex: Alex staff are working on the backlogged shelving while there are no students during the Winter session. Alex was also cited for several fire code violations, some of which involve the Government Documents collections. The majority of the violations state that our collections are too close to the sprinkler heads for the fire suppression system. There will be a meeting with Ben Garnecki from emergency services to discuss the violations in detail and work out a solution to abate the violations. DTS is currently moving a large microprint collection and a large series to the Annex to create space to lower the shelves in the affected areas.

Douglass Periodical list: Jamie gave an update on the Douglass Periodical list that was sent out in late December. The goal of the project is to begin consolidation of periodicals at Douglass as well as weed the collection. A list of all periodical titles and their holdings at the Douglass library was generated and then divided up into smaller lists where other Rutgers Libraries owned the same title. The lists were given to the individual libraries where Collection Management staff would verify their holdings and report their findings back to Jamie.

However, it was realized that Periodicals not listed in the catalog would not be on the generated list. A copy of the complete list was given to Douglass library, where they would do a shelf reading to verify the items on the list and add any additional Periodicals that were found.

This project is also necessary to complete the reorganization of the Douglass collections. Currently the music collection has been shelved with the Stacks collection and there is no room for growth on the majority of these shelves. Removing the excess Douglass Periodicals would allow the collections to fit.

In-Transit lists, update: Rob informed the group that there was an upcoming change to the In-Transit procedure. In the past there have been materials on the In-Transit lists that have not been charged to the local missing user at various Rutgers libraries. This would leave items on In-Transit between locations indefinitely. The group reviewed one of the more recent In-Transit reports during the November meeting and found that there were books that have been on the list since 2003.

The new change will automatically charge a book that has been In-Transit for over three months to the missing user of the book's home library. This will allow Collection Management staff to search for In-Transit materials three times (once per month) before the book is declared missing.

Library Maps: The group briefly discussed the online library map project. Kim volunteered to create a prototype map for online use using Kilmer as a test library. While a large collection, Kilmer's uncomplicated layout makes it easy to create a basic map which can be used as a template for the other libraries.

Next meeting: February 8, 2012
Location: Sakai Chat
Time: 2:30pm 3:30pm

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