Minutes of July 11, 2012 meeting

Jamie Maguire, Shirley Peck, Kimberley Kaiser, Robert Krack (minutes), Irina Radeva, Edward Suarez, Theresa Macklin

Information Sharing

LSM- End of the year shelving is almost complete at LSM. DTS has been pulling and shipping books that have been weeded in Reference. The Reference collection is smaller and the room now has a dining area with a vending machine and a coffee machine. Eddie is planning an inventory project in the BF section and plans to incorporate shelf reading into the inventory.

ALEX- The end of the year shelving is finished at Alex. The DOC shift is nearing completion with 3 ranges left to shift. The cleaning project is currently working on the 3rd floor and is in the PT section.

The new policies we implemented last year regarding how to handle mis-shelved materials found while working on other projects has had a demonstrable effect. This time last year 1/3 of all the requests made through RDS went unfilled because the materials could not be found. One year later most of the RDS requests are now filled and during the last two months we have had 7 RDS pull lists where 100% of the material was found.

Alex had a major water leak after the end of finals. The water leak occurred in the Z section on the third floor where we have had a problem every year when the air conditioning unit is turned on. This year there were so many affected materials that we had to commandeer the staff lounge in the basement to dry the wet books. We also had to send out a couple hundred books for freeze drying.

A levee was constructed in the mechanical room above the third floor to help prevent the water from reaching the seam in the concrete where the water drips down onto the collection. There are also plans to install water alarms in the mechanical room to alert staff before water reaches the third floor so that staff can take preventative measures to protect the collection.

DTS- The Douglass Periodical consolidation project is still being updated with validations sent back from the units, the next phase will be getting selector decisions. A test bed of titles was sent to librarians to see why types of issues we might encounter. LSM Reference weeding continues. Some of Douglass and Art's microform collections are going to be absorbed into the microform collection at Alexander so DTS is beginning to plan for a reorganizing of the microforms room and cabinets to better contain the combined collections. The RUL-HMT web form for projects is being reviewed again and may be added back to the website. The A-Z Bound Periodical consolidation project is going to be discussed at the next TSCWG meeting. The project may be done in smaller sections to help facilitate coordination. However, issues pertaining to space continue to be of great concern. Jamie has also joined the Digital Preservation Team.

Kilmer- Kilmer has caught up on its end of the year shelving and their quarterly missing book report. There has been some discussion about Kilmer absorbing the majority of the collections from SMLR.

Camden- Camden is working on an inventory project. Their students are working on vacuuming shelves and books. Camden is undergoing carpeting renovations and is redesigning several areas of the library to try and create more study space for students. Camden is also trying to attract new students to the library in September and is contemplating having events designed to get first time users to activate their cards and get acclimated to the library system.

Floor Map project: Eddie reviewed the LSM floor map and highlighted the changes to the range icons. The icons now display what call numbers are shelved on each side of the range. The ranges are also color coded by collection to help users when multiple collections that are located on the same floor. Eddie also created a spreadsheet to list all the call numbers by range in a collection.

The group discussed the floor maps and came up with several suggestions.

Missing book training: The group reviewed the screenplay which presented the missing book procedures with a somewhat humorous approach designed to appeal to student workers. Eddie stated that the script involved many cuts and that it might be hard to assemble the footage after shooting. The group discussed this and decided to get more information from the Fordham lab regarding the software used to assemble footage.

The lab has a larger camera with many features but it would require training before someone would be able to use the camera. The second option was a smaller handheld camera, but it would have limited picture quality and poor sound quality. Rob asked if there were external microphones available that could be plugged into a jack on the smaller cameras to increase sound quality and Eddie agreed to check with the lab and see if they had small microphones.

Kim asked why the students in the training did not pull the missing books as the students at the Kilmer library bring all missing books back to circulation. Theresa also said that students at Camden also bring all missing books back to circulation for discharge. After a brief discussion the group decided that pulling all materials and bringing them to circulation might be a better practice to implement uniformly across all the units.

Kim also asked if the use of humor in the script was appropriate for a library training video. Rob asked that the group present the script to two groups for feedback before making a decision. The script should be presented to the training subgroup for approval and also to student workers at several units to get opinions from the script’s target audience. Rob asked that we get information from both sources before making a decision to film the current script. If the script is rejected then a second, information only based script could be culled from the initial offering.

The group decided on some edits before submitting the script to the training subgroup and a second draft will be forthcoming.

Next Meeting: The August meeting will be postponed. The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for September 12.

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