Minutes of September 10, 2014 meeting

Robert Krack (co-chair / Alexander), Soo Lee (Kilmer), Irina Radeva (Alexander), Edward Suarez (LSM/Minutes), Devin Gingery (Chang/Douglass), Jamie Smith (DTS)
Andy Martinez (co-chair / Douglass), Theresa Macklin (Robeson), Anthony Timek (LSM), Jimmie Staton (Smith Library), Fred Onorato (Alexander), Elsa Alves (Institute of Jazz Studies), Betty Ciallelo (Smith Library)

Meeting Location: Sakai web meeting

I. Space Management training (Rob)

In October, the Collection Management group will present a training session on its space management database. The database allows staff members to input the current size of their collection and project space for future growth. The database will be essential for planning collection shifts at RUL in the future.

Group members are strongly encouraged to attend along with any other RUL staff as this session will relate to other collection-based tasks such as weeding and transfers. The focus of the presentation is to train attendees in how to set up and use this database.

If a library selector would like to know how the Collection Management Group gets its space information, that topic will also be covered in the presentation.

The training session will take place on Tuesday, October 7 from 1-4pm in the Pane Room at Alexander library and will be teleconferenced to the Robeson, Dana and Smith libraries. Please RSVP to Robert Krack by Friday October 3rd if you would like to attend.

The power point used in the session including a voice over narration will be posted on the library's website following the presentation.

The C.M. group also plans to present the database at the State of Libraries in November as part of its presentation.

II. Missing book training video (Rob)

Rob presented the new missing book training video to the group. The video can be found on YouTube at http://youtu.be/WEzhRh0r7WY. The video is also posted on the Collection Management Access Services page at http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/access_serv/coll_mgt/coll_mgt.shtml#training

The video is for students learning to search the collections for missing book lists. Having the video helps the staff from having to go over the process with each new student worker or reviewing it with returning work study employees.

Special thanks goes to Shantae Bedassie, the student worker who starred in the video, Gillian Newton and Rose Barbalace from the student coordinator group, who helped produce the video, and Edward Suarez who wrote the script.

Rob suggested to group members come up with other topics for training videos. The topics should feature the more complicated tasks of Collection Management that cannot be quickly explained to student workers. Group members can email Rob with their pitch and it could be presented at a future C.M. group meeting. Eddie also suggested to the group to watch the training videos from the Student Coordinator Group for video ideas. The videos can be found at the student training lib guide http://libguides.rutgers.edu/content.php?pid=488837&sid=4009031

III. State of the Libraries: presentations by C.M.G.

Rob contacted Lila Fredenburg about having the C.M.G present at the State of Libraries in November. The group will cover the space database, the missing book training video and if space permits the Adopt-a-Shelf program.

Rob asked for volunteers to make a hand out featuring the adopt-a-shelf program and a "How space management works" handout. Details on any presentation have yet to be finalized and are subject to change.

IV. Mold at Douglass and Phyics

The meeting concluded with news that mold had been found at both the Douglass and Physics libraries. At Douglass, Devin reported she first noticed it in the Play scripts collection. The staff was not sure if it was dust or mold. The moldy books sat on their own shelving unit above a vent, so it was thought its placement might have been the cause. A few days later, they found more in regular stacks - N's, ML, MT, and a few GVs

Devin, Andy, Chiaki, and Jan spent the Friday before the semester going over every shelf in these sections and pulled out everything they thought that had mold. The total came to around 1,300 items. Currently, the books are in the old music tech services room in the basement and they have students going through it recording all of the barcodes. REHS will check the air ducts for mold. High humidity in the library may also be a cause for the new mold outbreak. Rob suggested the shelving should be cleaned before any books are returned to those locations.

There were also approximately 100 moldy books discovered at the Physics library. The books will have their barcodes recorded before being boxed and sent to the Preservation department. Mold procedures were also discussed, but any measures will wait until there is a reorganization of the preservation department.

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