Minutes of January 13, 2015 meeting

Robert Krack (chair / Alexander), Irina Radeva (Alexander), Fred Onorato (Alexander),Shirley Peck (Alexander), Anthony Timek (LSM), Devin Gingery (Chang/Douglass), Jamie Smith (DTS), Theresa Macklin (Robeson), Elsa Alves (Institute of Jazz Studies), Jimmie Staton (Smith Library) and Elizabeth Ciallella (Smith Library)
Soo Lee (Kilmer) and Andy Martinez (Douglass)

I. Mid-Year Report

Everyone should update their unit's statistics as soon as possible. Due date for the report has not been finalized.

II. Plans

III. Future Projects

Rob opened up the discussion to the members to present projects that may require the assistance of the group.

IV. Announcements

The RUL Rutgers Day Committee is hosting a stress buster event for staff on Wednesday, January 14 from 2-4 PM in the Alexander Library Scarlet Latte Café. Lego play stations, games, and refreshments to be provided.

V. Adjournment

The meeting ended at 3:40 pm. The next meeting will be announced for February.

Information Sharing



Chang plans to shift the entire stacks collection at the start of the spring semester. We have plenty of space in our compact shelving so we will just be pushing the collection back by 1 row. Our last big stacks shift happened in the summer of 2013.



Kilmer has been busy shelving back logged returning books. The duplicate weeding project is continuing and with more focus during the winter break. Also our hard-copy subscription of The New York Times and Wall Street Journal have been cancelled as of Dec. 2014.



Concentrating on minor shifting in H section of stacks collection, and seeing that stacks are all in order for the spring semester.

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