Minutes of August 11, 1999 meeting

C. Alonzo, M. Brodman, H. Fu, I. Gessner, E. Kalamotousis, K. Kammerer, A. Martinez, A. Ortiz, J. Teichmann, B. Terrio, P. Weniger, Drue Williamson.



We welcomed new member Helena Fu representing the East Asian library. Goodbye and thanks to Drue Williamson who is leaving thegroup. Drue has been reassigned to LSM RRS. Jeff has been transferred to LSM as Coordinator for Collection Management; Matt Spaventa has been transferred to Douglass as an Access Services Assistant.

The shift at LSM is completed. It was well organized, very well done and completed earlier than anticipated. Glenn Sandberg and Pete Anderson both lent assistance when necessary. LSM staff has expressed that they are very happy about the work that was done. Jeff has assisted Andy Martinez inplanning a shift at the Math Library. Ines is directing this shift also and should be completed by 9/1/99.


Standardizing collection management processes across NB libraries was discussed. It was decided that shelving should be done consistently. Shelving should be kept up. The importance of morning shelving was discussed, and if necessary, evening shelving, depending on unit size, is also recommended. Those supervising collection management student assistants should alert new potential shelving students, particularly work study, what is expected of them regarding shelving. They should be aware of the physical nature of the work, the important of adherence to the scheduled hours. Encourage the good worker. Do not just give them shelving all the time and realize the nature of the work. As a result, break up their routine by introducing other CM aspects, e.g. searching for missing books, in-transits, editing in-process to in-library, etc. Training is important. Take time at the beginning of the semester, with new freshman students to train them with the anticipation that they will return each year while in school and lesser future training burdens.

Although not on the agenda, the discussion went on to the topic of "New Books" and new books shelves. Should New books have a designated NEW BOOKS area or shelved directly onto the stacks. The on-line record shows that the item is IN-LIBRARY so it seems logical that they be shelved directly onto the stacks. However, some units find it necessary to have a New books area, mostly particularly the Science libraries and many of the branches. Professors/patrons of these units look for new books and series in such areas. LSM holds books for 2 weeks on the New book shelves and then sendsthem to the regular stacks. If working the circ. desk at a unit thathas a NEW BOOKS shelving area and a patron says a new (1998-99) book is'missing', please instruct them to check on the 'new arrivals shelf'. Consensus is that New books decisions should be decided unit by unit.

Relabels: Ines brought forth the suggestion that we propose thecreation of a new location code in SIRSI of RELABELS. This could be usedfor items sent to Collection Support Services for materials requiring relabeling or re-classification. The new profile would display in SIRSI as MISSING and BINDERY items currently appear and reflect a real-time location for these materials. This would allow patrons and staff the ability to locate items not on the shelf. RRS, Missing books and In-Transit searching would become more efficient. Penny will take the proposal to the Access Services Committee for discussion and decision from that group. If a favorable decision is reached, the formal request toSystems would then come from the Access Services Committee. Procedural issues can be discussed at a future CM meeting.

Jeff suggested a future agenda topic. Standardize statistics gathering across NB in an attempt to reflect more accurate and concise statistics NB wide for CM processes. The group should come up with ideas on it. Home Work: Bring in all statistics forms presently being used and any additional pertinent information. The group should be prepared to discuss this subject.

Round Robin

ALONZO: Working on fall student schedule and budget.

BRODMAN: Finished work at LSM. Went to Douglass to help set up new CM processes.

FU: Thanks for the welcome. Will report at the next CM meeting.

GESSNER: Finished at LSM, moving onto the MATH shift.

KALAMOUTSIS: About 50% of workload is involved with In-Process. Macro's presently using are very helpful.

KAMMERER: Acclimating to Douglass' new procedures for CM. Thanks to Mary Brodman for her help and instruction on statistic gathering.

MARTINEZ: Busy planning for the shift.

ORTIZ: No report

TEICHMANN: Busy planning Math shift and working on shift in REF at LSM

TERRIO: Will link CM web-site and CIRC FG's web-site in order to avoid duplication of information.

WILLIAMSON: Good-bye and thanks. Learned a lot about CM.

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