Minutes of September 7, 1999 meeting

M. Brodman, H. Fu, I. Gessner(recorder), E. Kalamotousis, K. Kammerer, A. Ortiz, M. Spaventa, J. Teichmann, B. Terrio, P. Weniger
C. Alonzo, A. Martinez



Mark Forster is working on Access Services Web page. Penny suggested that the Water Emergency Demonstration and Guidelines and the student training page be linked to that page.

Penny introduced our newest member, Matt Spaventa, currently of Douglass Access Services, formerly of LSM Access Services.

Members of the group distributed copies of Collection Management statistics forms used within each unit, to discuss possible standardization of forms.


It was agreed there should be some standardization, but each unit could format their forms as necessary. This brought up a discussion on what kinds of statistics should be reported, e.g., should books re- shelved during the shelf-reading process be counted along with the overall shelving statitistics reported monthly? This particular question was not resolved and was tabled for the next meeting, but this discussion underscored the need for clear definitions of statisical categories within Collection Managment.

The group came to a general agreement on statistical catagories and decided that units should maintain a record of individual details such as who/when work was done, as needed, but not report this information centrally. In order to standardize central reporting of statistics, it was proposed that a statistics form for collection management be created as a spreadsheat and maintained on the common drive, and the individual forms used by each unit can be linked to that file. This would allow for a standard reporting form, yet each unit can tailor individual forms to suit specific needs.

Bob Terrio, Jeff Teichmann, and Matt Spaventa volunteered to work on creating the standard form for reporting Collection Management statistics.

Missing book statistics: Which tasks should be counted on the centrally reported missing book statistics was discussed. It was decided that the final statistics report should include the results of stacks searches, the missing list produced every two weeks, and the final search of the 120 days of missing books list.

Penny announced that she'll soon be distributing questions that address collection management and maintenance issues. These questions were forwarded by the Access Services Committee. When the group members receive the questions, they should answer each in one concise sentence, and complete them by the next meeting date.


Mary Brodman: Currently working on stacks shift in the Alexander Library Reference room.

Kathleen Kammerer: Working on statistics forms and shelving at Doulgass.

Jeff Teichmann: Working on shift in Reference room at LSM.

Asuncion Ortiz: Everything going well at Kilmer.

Matt Spaventa: Training students at Douglass.

Bob Terrio: No longer responsible for student payroll at LSM; now working on electronic reserves.

Ines Gessner: Math shift completed; working on shelf guides and map for Math.

Eva Kalamotousis: Reported that August In-Transit list was not produced. Raised the point that after the 120 day missing book list is searched, the next step to be taken is not clear. Should the list be forwarded to Collection Development?

Helena Fu: Training students at EAL; very short staffed there.

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