Minutes of November 10, 1999 meeting

Brodman, Fu, Gessner, Kalamotousis(recorder), Kammerer, Spaventa, Teichmann, Terrio
C. Alonzo, A. Martinez, A. Ortiz, P. Weniger



Gessner will convene meeting in Weniger's absence.


The group discussed and finalized the Collection Management Shifting Policies and Procedures, with emphasis on group availability as consultants as opposed to collection shifters. This work will be the responsibility of that particular unit which is being examined.

Discussion ensued about the standardization of statistics forms for daily shelving, shelf reading, missing, and in-transit lists. It was suggested that a legend or key should be included explaining the broad definitions of each category. Teichmann announced that the new statistics forms will be available on each of the libraries' remote (t:/) drives. Access to these files will be password protected. Teichmann also distributed copies of the new statistics forms and were approved by the group.


Lee: Ongoing project to convert periodical holdings on IRIS.

Teichmann: Coordinating Collection Management activities together at LSM.

Kalamotousis: In-transit list does not show "material type" as the missing list does. If the in-transit list can be produced to show "material type", searching will be more efficient.

Fu: EAL has more student help and is running well.

Brodman: Reference has been shelf read twice. Finished shelf reading third floor at ALEX and shelf reading 2B has begun.

Kammerer: Students at Douglass are working well and catching up on shelf reading.

Gessner: Annex weeding project continues. Will eventually pull 3,000 duplicate items from the shelves. Will begin sorting shelving stored in BB at ALEX in preparation for inventory.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, December 8, 3:00 P.M., Douglass Mezzanine

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