Minutes of January 15, 2009 Meeting

Agnew, Dent Goodman, Frusciano, Kuchi (recorder), Marker, Niessen (Co-Chair), Sewell (Co-Chair), Triggs, Womack.

1. Minutes for December 18, 2009 were approved



2. Scholarly Communication Website finalization

The Scholarly Communication Website draft was finalized after some discussion at this meeting. Niessen will be in touch with WAC regarding making the test pages official.

3. RUcore Collections Policy finalization

Comments and suggestions from the RUL faculty meeting presentation of the RUcore collections Policy document were discussed. In particular, the suggestion to include undergraduate honors papers and theses was considered. It was decided that the word "graduate" from the first paragraph of the document will be stricken and the phrase "Undergraduate honors papers" will be added to the section titled "What types of collections are acceptable." Sewell will present the revised policy to the Cabinet for information.

4. Update on Cyberinfrastructure Steering Committee

Niessen attended the RUcore Cyberinfrastructure Committee meeting and presented a summary of activities planned. Specifically, he shared information about the start of a new project on Datasets headed by Ron Jantz. He reported that there was also discussion about making RUcore a durable as well as dynamic repository.

5. Scholarly Communication FAQ List

Niessen presented a first draft of the Scholarly Communication FAQ. Detailed discussion ensued. Connections to RUcore FAQ were also considered.

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Triveni Kuchi

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