Minutes of January 25, 2005 Meeting

Kalaivani Ananthan, Ruth Bogan, Brenda Carter, Mary Alice Cicerale, Nancy DeNicola, Susan Graham, Rhonda Marker (recorder), Virg Miller, Caryn Radick, Bonnie Spaventa, Darryl Voorhees

The group began by reviewing the documents "RUL data architecture (RDA) specifications" and "Data Specifications for Digital Library/Digital Repository (DLR)" as drafted by Ruth Bogan. The RDA specifications are meant to be high-level principles that apply to all our data architecture. They should be applicable to any of the repositories that the Libraries are responsible for such as IRIS, Luna Imaging, or our Fedora-based repository. (The second document, Data Specifications, is meant to apply to our Fedora-based repository.) These documents are a unified way to address some issue surrounding data architecture and the digital repository.

One principle that emerged from the group's discussion was that data creation needs standards even if we (meaning, RUL or the Cataloging Department) are not the ones contributing or creating the data.

Within the document, we noted:

Data Arch has a responsibility to map individual metadata schemes to Dublin Core in order to support OAI harvesting. Our specific responsibilities are:

Data Arch members are encouraged to follow-up our discussion with more questions, challenges, and insights. Rhonda Marker will update the RUL_DATA_ARCH listserv, making sure that all the meeting participants are included in the list. This will be the most inclusive way of continuing our discussion.

R.M. reiterated that the mission of Data Arch is to provide data architecture (metadata) standards, and also to provide assistance with implementing metadata - consistent with these standards - for individual digital projects.

The next Data Arch meeting will be February 22, 10:00 a.m. in the TSB Conference Room. All members of the RUL community are welcome to attend.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/data_arch/minutes/data_arch_05-01-25.shtml
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