Rutgers University Core Metadata Registry In Brief
September 26, 2002

Rhonda Marker
Head, Cataloging Department
Rutgers University Libraries

The Rutgers University Core Metadata Registry (RU Core) is a schema independent data architecture that will facilitate the integration and interoperability of digital objects. It comprises a set of metadata elements that are shared by all resources in the Rutgers Digital Library. The usefulness of RU Core will be, in part, its ability to build pathways to pull together resources from disparate sources.

RU Core is not an additional metadata standard. There are an abundance of metadata schemes: some are general schemes and some are specifically tailored to particular digital objects. This Core registry is a list of the elements that should be present in any metadata record, created within the framework of any metadata scheme. By using at least these minimal metadata elements, cross-database searching can be a meaningful objective for a diverse online environment.

Because the RU Core consists of elements that are shared by all resources, every element is required to the extent that the property it represents is present in the object that is described. All elements are repeatable unless otherwise indicated.

Description of the RU Core Metadata Registry Elements

Definition:A distinctive reference to the resource
Unique within Rutgers Digital Library 
Details:URL for the resource
Definition:A category which denotes the general nature of the content of the resource
Details:Might use a controlled list, such as the Dublin Core Type Vocabulary
Definition:The physical or digital manifestation of the resource
Details:Might use a controlled list, such as the list of Internet Media Types
Definition:A name given to the resource
Details:For example, Main title, Added title, Variant title
Definition:The topic of the resource content
Details:Highly recommend using a controlled list of subjects, such as the Art & Architecture Thesaurus or the Library of Congress Subject Headings. Keywords are also considered subjects
Definition:Date of intellectual creation of the resource's content
Details:Recommend a standard Date/Time stamp, e.g., Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
Definition:The personal or corporate entity that is primarily responsible for the content of the resource
Details:For example, Primary author, Additional Contributor, Co-author
Definition:An entity responsible for making the resource available
Details:For example, Publisher, Distributor
Definition:Information about rights for access and reproduction held in and over the resource.
Details:Default value is Open; other valid value is Restricted

In addition to these descriptive elements, it is expected that metadata records will also include administrative metadata, at the minimum a field for Administrative Metadata ID (ADM_ID). Administrative metadata will facilitate file maintenance and repurposing of individual metadata records and sets of metadata records.

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