Minutes of December 19, 2002 Meeting

Present: Tom Frusciano; Judy Gardner; Mike Giarlo; Nick Gonzaga; Dave Hoover; Patrick Huey; Ron Jantz, chair; Sam McDonald; Ann Montanaro, recorder; Lynn Mullins; Jeffrey Triggs; Karen Wenk.

1. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 29 at 2:00 in the Heyer Room.

2. Mike installed and customized DSpace and it is available at http://dspace.rutgers.edu. Committee members should register and explore and send comments to Ron about major functional issues. Mike will grant permissions to submit.

3. Ann will arrange to have records extracted from Luna to import into DSpace.

4. Ron gave updates from the subcommittees. DAWG-I (infrastructure) requested a quote from EMC. Grants may be written that would include funding for the storage. Mike and Jeffery are working on the Camdenbase transfer and it should be ready to move to Systems in January. The committee will review the wireless proposal and work on the server registry. DAWG-A (architecture) reviewed the philosophy, definitions, and OAIS elements. They will meet on January 15 to further develop the architecture and functional requirements for the digital repository.

5. The committee moved to the IHL where DSpace was demonstrated along with a prototype for Z39.50 searching. Jeffrey Triggs demonstrated the prototype which also included cross-repository searching of NJEDL and IRIS.

6. There was a brief discussion of the CNRI Handle Technology as part of the committee’s ongoing education process.

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