Minutes of April 29, 2003 Meeting

Present: Ron Jantz (chair), Dave Hoover, Samuel McDonald, Lynn S. Mullins, Robert E. Nahory, Jeffrey Triggs, Karen Wenk (recorder), Tom Frusciano, Anne Butman, Ann Montanaro, Michael Giarlo, and Yu Yang

Review of DAWG priorities:

1. Architecture priorities:

2. Infrastructure priorities:

3. Implementation


We need deep thought about the underlying database:
Discussion of the underlying scheme that can hold metadata ingested using a variety of schema. It appears to be impossible and not desirable to map everything to one single scheme. MPEG7 may have to be expanded as other metadata schemas are introduced.

OpenURL (Ann Montanaro)

RUL Committee charged to look at OpenURL: Marty Kessleman, Myoung Wilson, Mary Page and Ann Montanaro have been looking at several vendor products. There will be demonstrations on May 14 and 21 of EBSCO and SIRSI products. DAWG members are urged to attend. Discussion followed about how OpenURL works as well as the possibility of looking at a total open source option or hybrid solution. Ann will raise this with the RUL committee.

Digital Object Workflow discussion:

Chart created thinking mainly of IMLS but also generic application


Standards, quality control and a process for putting digital objects where they can be preserved and accessed with uniform metadata are needed.

Discussion of Fedora disseminators and how we can ingest objects with complex structure and hierarchy

Discussion of Graphical User Interface for ingest

Web portal: We will need multiple portals for different classes of users

Month 0: Target of October, 2003 for preliminary working model of Fedora for IMLS


Digital imaging standards and procedures:
Isaiah Beard, Sam McDonald, Ann Montanaro, and Judy Gardner

Digital imaging workflow:
Patrick Huey, Kalavani, Jeffery Triggs and Yu Yang

Ingest GUI:
Jeffery Triggs, Yu Yang, Patrick Huey

Dave Hoover, Michael Giarlo, Judy Gardner

CNRI Handle:
Michael Giarlo, Karen Wenk

Federated Search (formerly cross repository search):
Jeffery Triggs

Web Portal for IMLS:
Patrick Huey (as part of IMLS web portals team)

Complex objects:
Bob Nahory, Lynn Mullins

Other Business:

Ann Montanaro will take over as and co-chair when Ron Jantz is on sabbatical (July 1- December 31, 2003.)

Anne Butman will chair the DAWG Infrastructure subgroup.

Next recorders: Yang, Butman, Frusciano

Next meeting early June. Ron Jantz will send email with possible dates.

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