Minutes of September 18, 2003 Meeting

Present: Ann Montanaro, Linda Langschied, Anne Butman, Patrick Hughey, Isaiah Beard, Sam McDonald, Jeffrey Triggs, Karen Wenk, Lynn Mullins, Bob Nahory, Tom Frusciano, Mike Giarlo.

I. Status of IMLS Grant

Linda Langshied reported that IMLS has increased the total funds to be received by $26,000. Notification of the grant will occur on September 23rd.

Ann Montanaro has been in contact with ADEC regarding the purchase of a mass storage device to support digital projects, including NJDH.

II. Data Architecture Meeting

Ann reported on the recent Data Architecture meting held on September 15th. The primary topic was "Administrative metadata for METS compliant documents." Ruth Bogan and Mary Alice Cicerale have charted the draft METS Rights schema and after review the group concluded that the schema should be expanded to include two additional elements: ContextBeginDate, and ContextExpirationDate. The Committee noted that any Digital Rights metadata would need to have an interface with an authentication system and that coordination with DAWG is essential.

The group also discussed the need for a "Best Practices Manual" and reviewed the guidelines prepared by Mary Beth Weber for the Jazz Oral History Project. Since these guidelines included all the necessary elements of a "best practices" manual, the committee decided to use it as a guide to creating a more generic version that can be customized for any particular digital project.

Tom Frusciano referred the group to "California Cultures," a project under the auspices of the California Digital Library that provides access to objects and information on ethnicity in the state. The project web site: http://calcultures.cdlib.org/ contains useful information regarding metadata, digital scanning, and "best practices" requirements.

III. Metadata Issues

Linda reported that the Source Vocabulary metadata group for NJDH will meet on September 23rd to review preliminary elements related to still photographic images.

Workflow design work continues. Patrick Hughey has designed forms for Fedora ingesting using Dublin Core to record information for Administrative metadata, data stream and owner information. He needs to complete field names to complete the transfer from XML into Fedora.

Isaiah Beard has been working on imaging standards. The group discussed filing name conventions. A final draft of the standards will be completed and circulated to the members of the group.

CNRI. Mike Giarlo reported that the handle server has been running for several months. He mentioned that a unique number is assigned when an object is ingested into Fedora, and that this done automatically in PCSP (Psychology journal digital project).

The handle is hdl.rutgers.edu/1782.1 - the number serving as the prefix for the SCC. He asked whether another number should be assigned for NJDH and with the group's consent he will reappropriate 1782 to NJDH.

Fedora Ingesting. Jeffrey Triggs reported on the successful ingestion of a book of published letters from the University Archives relating to Queens College during the American Revolution (part of a digital project by SCILS Student Elaine Bindler). Also, SCC will perform some mappings for file management and backups.

IV. Requirements for Search Engine in Fedora

Jeffrey has been developing an XML-aware search engine. He requested suggestions from the group regarding boolean operators for field searching, except for stopwords. He mentioned his success with Amberfish as a cross-repository and cross-collection search engine.

The next meeting of DAWG will be in October.

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