Minutes of October 27, 2005 meeting

Anne Butman, Anthony Joachim, Patricia Libutti (Chair), Sam McDonald, Kevin McGuire, Patricia Piermatti (recorder)

1. The meeting was called to order at 2:05 PM in the Conference Room at TAS.

Each committee member then gave a brief introduction.

2. The Agenda was reviewed and approved with amendments.

Action Item: S. McDonald will distribute to the entire committee via email a memo T. Tate regarding items for future consideration by the committee. [Done: sent via email on 10/28/05].

P. Libutti then asked each building representative to express local concerns regarding disabilities issues. For easy readability, P. Piermatti (recorder) has also listed suggestions mentioned by each representative succeeding the initial round of voiced concerns.

A. Joachim (Douglass Library)

S. McDonald (Alexander Library)

A. Butman (Library Systems, TAS)

K. McGuire (Kilmer Library)

P. Piermatti (Library of Science & Medicine)

P. Libutti (Alexander Library)

Additional discussion followed.

Action Item: committee members should forward all "Library Services for Persons with Disabilities" brochure changes to P. Libutti for consideration by J. Boyle and L. Millerand.

Action Item: Interesting reading … P. Libutti will distribute copies of an article. Citation: Carter, Catherine J. "Providing Services for Students with Disabilities in an Academic Library" in Education Libraries Vol 27 (2) Winter 2004. P. Libutti then asked if anyone's building had architectural problems hindering appropriate service to persons with disabilities.

K. McGuire:

P. Libutti responded that if becomes a major concern, then we should review the situation in all of our library buildings.

3. Review of Charge

Discussion then ensued about the committee charge.

S. McDonald:

P. Libutti:

What concrete actions match this charge?

Action Plan Suggestions:

A. Joachim:

P. Libutti:

K. McGuire:

A. Butman:

P. Piermatti:

S. McDonald:

4A. Maintenance of RUL web page,

Action Item: Please send any web page changes to Sam.

Some discussion followed. A. Butman mentioned that the blue color of the "Library Services for Persons with Disabilities" brochure is not the best; not easy on the eyes when reading.

Action Item: Please email "blue" brochure changes to P. Libutti and copy Sam.

Discussion of the Kurzweil machines followed. Kurzweil machines can save audio files. Do we have the disks? Several solutions … disk-on-key … P. Libutti mentioned the need for Kurzweil training.

4B. Use of RUL web page,

Action Item: Email Sam any good links and copy the committee.

Suggestions made:

5. JAWS and Reading Edge Instructions

This item was tabled for future committee consideration. Tony will review and send to everyone when ready.

For Next Meeting:

Think about the "running of common tools through JAWS/WindowEyes". Tony mentioned the value of a text only SearchPath tutorial; less robust but still useful.

P. Libutti will email group with possible meeting dates.

Action Item: review "JAWS" web page, http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/lib_servs/jaws.shtml

Tony has the "JAWS" disk from most recent training session. Sam can re-code for the web page. We can add to the "useful links" section.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:42 PM.

Respectfully submitted 11/03/05
P. Piermatti

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/disabilities/minutes/disabilities_05_10_27.shtml
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