Minutes of June 25, 2009 meeting

Joe Abraham, Holly Muller, Eileen Stec (Chair), Penny Weniger (recorder)
Lila Fredenburg, Marilyn Wilt


Eileen welcomed the attending members of the committee to the meeting and noted that Marilyn Wilt and Lila Fredenburg would be joining the meeting in order to discuss any future training issues the group may need.

Eileen noted that JAWS loaded on the disability dedicated PCs in the various units would not continue to be supported or upgraded due to the noted lack of usage by our users.

The Committee's charge and previous planning documentation regarding tasks and who is responsible for each task was reviewed. It was decided that the planning documentation while thorough and comprehensive may not meet the present needs of the committee and therefore would be revised and streamlined. Eileen will work toward this end and send the group a draft and ask for committee input.

Eileen also presented the committee with copies of the presently used yellow tri-fold brochure "Library Services for Persons with Disabilities" for review and a call for suggestions on any needed updates. Several suggestions were discussed and Eileen will incorporate the suggestions, come up with a new draft and will discuss with Harry Glazer on the viability of the revisions.

As well, the web site contact list was reviewed for correctness. Committee members that were present made any necessary changes. The absent committee members will be contacted by Eileen via e-mail for review of their contact information.

Marilyn Wilt introduced the concept of forming a larger discussion forum to include members outside the library system to review and discuss various issues to include any desired disability training needs. Possible discussions topics could include

Action Items

Marilyn and Lila will put together a proposal and submit to the group regarding the training programs. Committee members researching the training topics listed above will share their initial findings with Marilyn Wilt by July 9th.

Holly Muller will obtain information for NJ Relay, a service that provides Telephone Captioning Service for Hearing Impaired and see if a training session can be developed. Holly will share her contacts

Lilia will contact the University Counsel and see if someone from that office can give a short presentation on legal issues related to users with disabilities

Eileen will contact the Director of Services for Students with Disabilities Greg Morehead regarding any new and/or changed information regarding disabilities.

Marilyn will try and get a copy of the video "10 commandments of communicating with people with disabilities" as well as explore the possibility of a future Kurzwiel training session.

We tabled the item reviewing each library's handicapped entrances and signage and the issue will be revisited at a future meeting.

Eileen will investigate services for hospitalized students in terms of possible outreach even if just via telephone.

Future meetings will be held

Eileen noted that what can be done via e-mail is preferable

The meeting adjourned at 3:45pm

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