Minutes of August 13, 2009 meeting

Eileen Stec (facilitator and recorder), Chris Ingram, Marilyn Wilt, Kevin McGuire, Holly Muller, Joseph Abraham, Anne Butman, Sam McDonald.


  1. Minutes from June meeting—reviewed and distributed by email
  2. Approval of Agenda
  3. Finish review of revised Disabilities Services brochure (all)
  4. Kurzweil Training—selecting training dates and times (Marilyn Wilt and all)
  5. Report on Disabilities program (Marilyn, Eileen, Lila, Holly)
  6. Discussion on Review of Libraries physical building accessibility (all)
  7. Discussion regarding services to hospitalized Rutgers students (Eileen and all)
  8. Odds and ends; CCTV's, Google Books, etc.

3. The committee reviewed and amended a large-print mock-up of the new "Services to Persons with Disabilities". Each disabilities coordinator will review the brochure one more time and if a statement describing available handicapped parking is not included in each library's description, the respective coordinator will email a one sentence description to Eileen for inclusion in the brochure. Following the revision the brochure will be ready to return to Harry Glazer for final changes.

4. Chris Ingram reported that Dana has not received their Kurzweil software and scanner. Anne Butman will follow up on this issue. Marilyn received funding approval from Valeda Dent for DeWitt and Associates to conduct three half-day training sessions. Sessions will take place in New Brunswick, Newark and Camden. DeWitt is also contracted to produce a reinforcing multimedia training demonstration that can be posted on the RUL Faculty/Staff web pages. This web-based product will provide a stronger learning experience for those providing services to the library users.

The Committee selected December 1,2 and 4 (first choice) or November 18,19 and 20, (second choice) as tentative training dates at the three campuses; Marilyn will work with DeWitt consultants to contract for these dates. Anne Butman is checking for availability of free Kurzweil software for training and will connect at least one scanner in each training location. The training topics covered are: opening, scanning and reading; listening in other voices; reading foreign languages; reading web pages; the advantages of the Kurzweil software for students with learning disabilities, and the can and can't dos of Kurzweil 3000.

5. The committee has agreements from several individuals and groups to present at a Disabilities program for the week of March 22nd . The program will begin by screening the film "10 Commandments of Communicating with People with Disabilities."

The speakers who have confirmed their participation to date:

The committee is still looking for presenters on the use of therapy dogs, the needs of students with Asberger's syndrome, legal requirements of the university and the hearing impaired. Speaker recruitment for those categories are being investigated by Holly Muller, Eileen Stec, Lila Friedenberg and Chris Ingram, respectively.

The disabilities program is tentatively scheduled for the week of March 22, 2010. Date and location will be decided depending on reserving an appropriate sized room with videoconferencing capabilities. Marilyn Wilt is reserving the space.

6. The committee discussed a long-term plan for a review of the major libraries physical space, accessibility and signage. Potential partners needed to conduct the review were explored. Anne Butman has contacts within the New Jersey Girl Scouts and suggested partnering with the Scouts. Eileen Stec has agreed to search for an assessment rubric. Exploration of this topic will continue over the course of the year.

7. Discussion surrounded the needs of the temporarily disabled specifically, of students hospitalized who are able to continue their academic work but confined to a hospital for treatment. The needs of the hospitalized student include checking out books, accessing resources while hospitalized, locate and copy services, and use of books on reserve [this issue will be forwarded to the Reserves group for discussion by Penny Weniger]. The person obtaining these materials would need to use the student's ID card to check out materials and this is not currently permissible. Issuing a temporary "care card" to one caregiver was suggested. The committee will invite Judy Gardner to a future meeting to discuss ways to serve hospitalized students.

Eileen has contacted the libraries at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital and St. Peter's Hospital in New Brunswick. The purpose is to ascertain the accessibility of each hospital's Internet connectivity. Chris Ingram is collecting information on hospitals near the Newark campus. Libby Hart has identified [via previous email] Cooper Hospital and Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in the immediate area. There are several hospitals in Philadelphia that might also cater to our students: Wills Eye, Thomas Jefferson, and the University of Pennsylvania.

The committee also identified faculty and residence hall advisors as the groups to promote any services we can identify for hospitalized students.

8. CCTV's—the group discussed whether this technology is still used and if so, should we investigate improvements in hardware that magnifies print materials. Eileen Stec will send out an email request to RUL_everyone inquiring about the last time library faculty and staff recalled a patron using the CCTV magnifier. [This email has been sent]. Joe Abraham reported that Google has not responded to his request for information regarding screen reading software and Google books.

Next meeting is December 3, 2009 at Alexander Library in the McDonnell room.

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