Minutes of April 24, 2012 Meeting

Jeanne Boyle, Merve Fejzula, Lila Fredenburg, Tibor Purger, Mark Winston (chair), Tao Yang (recorder)
Rose Barbalace, Gideon Thompson


1. Minutes

Tao volunteered to take the minutes.

2. Review of action items from last meeting

Mark briefly reviewed the action items from last meeting.

3. Report on library faculty and staff searches (completed since last meeting) and in process (Lila)

There was no staff recruitment since last meeting. There are 11 to 15 ongoing faculty and staff searches, including the Director of IJS, the Digital Humanities Librarian at Dana, the Project Archivist at IJS, and the Reference Librarian at Robeson. The composition of applicants and candidates was reviewed.

Members discussed one of the ongoing searches in detail from the diversity perspective and identified some problems as well as solutions.

Tibor reported on the hiring process at IIS, which includes a search committee, standardized phone interview, on-site interviews of two candidates, and second interview of the final candidate. In terms of the Access Services, Judy reported that there is usually a group involved in the search, depending on the level of position; there may be a phone interview and at least three candidates will be invited for on-site interview; internal candidates often get a special look.

4. Library faculty recruitment and target of opportunity proposal

On behalf of the committee, Jeanne suggested developing an RUL-wide target of opportunity hiring plan to Marianne. Another approach is to develop a candidate pool for future vacancies. A third approach was suggested at the meeting, which is to develop a list of resource persons we can go to for recommendations, instead of a list of potential candidates. In addition, Judy wondered whether organizational needs will shift at the University level as new players come in; Lila encouraged library administrators and faculty making contacts with potential candidates at conferences.

At the end, the group brainstormed and came up a list of ten names as our go to persons for diversity hires. Mark and Merve will finalize the list.

5. Summary of action items

6. Future agenda items

The library website and recruitment will be on the agenda of next meeting, which may also include a discussion with Lila's Iowa contact. At the meeting after next, we will try to talk to new faculty hires.

Submitted by Tao Yang

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