Minutes of Coordinating Committee Meeting for the Feb. 16, 2000 meeting

Consoli, Dess, R.Gardner, Gaunt, Haynes, Langschied, Li, Olin, P.Page, Wilson, Womack
Au, Weber


  1. Minutes of the January 19 meeting were approved.
  2. Old business
    1. Five year plan for the use of faculty lines (Wilson):
      M.Wilson distributed draft document (prepared by Wilson and Gaunt) summarizing issues related to reviewing and filling vacant faculty positions. Technology has changed the way we work, but our job descriptions and promotion/tenure procedures haven't been changed to reflect this. Major issues outlined in the draft document were: role of non-tenure-track v. tenure-track positions; role of Librarian Vs--when should we be using them and should there be a cap on percentage; long-term need for subject specialization across the libraries; possible conversion of faculty lines into non-faculty lines (who should be involved and what criteria); internal appointments of faculty members to administrative positions. Other issues brought up by committee members included the retention and mentoring of library faculty members (how might we improve this); comparison of "clinical" faculty lines, which are promotable, versus Librarian Vs, which are not (what are the ramifications); flexibility in amount of experience required for new hires; and criteria for Librarian III and IV–how do we distinguish between them. Langschied inquired about the ability to promote good Librarian Vs into Librarian IV positions; this is probably okay but Gaunt will check. M.Li commented that what we are talking about is the possibility of downsizing the library faculty to accommodate the need for more high-level technical staff positions. Consoli felt that if we decide the MLS is not needed for these positions we should inform library schools. Gaunt suggested an open forum with SCILS faculty if we move in this direction.

      Wilson will revise the draft document to reflect the committee discussion. The chairs of the PPAAC, A & P, and Planning Committee will review and make recommendations. They will present interim report at the 3/22 meeting.
    2. PPAAC proposal
      The committee reviewed PPAAC's draft sample letter to request external evaluations for promotions to Librarian I. Language concerning the "10-year rule" (allowing increased weight to be given to professional service for candidates who have been in rank for 10 years or more) was removed from an earlier draft. After discussion the committee agreed that this rule was ambiguous and that mentioning it in the letter might detract from evaluation of the scholarly record. In addition to the vitae and selected publications, the personal statement can be sent to evaluators if the candidate requests. The letter was approved, and Gaunt will take it forward to VP Seneca.
  3. New business
    Draft agenda for March 10 RUL faculty meeting was discussed. The meeting will be held in the Teleconferencing Hall at the SCC. There will be no break, and we will set time limits for agenda items in an effort to keep to our 11:30 adjournment and discourage participants from leaving early. All committee chairs should send reports to RUL faculty via email prior to the meeting, then we will allow questions and comments from the floor. In addition to our standard agenda items we will have two guest speakers: N.Borisovets will speak on the status of the RUL Ask-A- Librarian service, then Sara Weissman from Morris County Library (formerly at Alexander Library) will talk about the national status of digital reference service. She is currently a member of LC's planning group on digital reference service. Following the faculty meeting, SAPAC is holding a Research Roundtable.
  4. Committee reports
    1. New Brunswick Faculty Council (Consoli): Minutes previously distributed by H.Hoffman
    2. Collection Development Council (Consoli): Emphasis is on electronic resources. If anyone has recommendations, remember to get the online forms and make sure all information is complete, then notify the appropriate representative to present these to the CDC: Consoli-humanities, Vazquez-social sciences, Tallau-sciences.
    3. Research Leave Review Committee (Haynes): No applications pending.
      D. Planning Committee (Olin): Committee is surveying former RUL colleagues (who left at the rank of Librarian III) to gather information about retention and recruitment issues.
    4. Scholarly and Professional Activity Committee (Womack): The Research Roundtable will begin shortly after the RUL faculty meeting on 3/10. This will be a lunchtime discussion on issues related to research/publication. It will be held in the Pane Room.
    5. Public Services Council (Li): Minutes posted on the Web. There will be a copyright seminar on 3/23.
  5. University Librarian's report (Gaunt):
    The publicity for the copyright symposium on 3/23 will go out next week. This will be a half-day program with a focus on uncertainties, critical issues, and what other institutions have done in their copyright policies. This is leading up to the University's review of copyright policy. Follow-up lunches will be planned for later dates to discuss such issues as scholarly communication, fair use, ownership of faculty products, and general copyright concerns.

    The last two months have seen a lot of grant activity emerging from the libraries. Highlights:
    • Proposal to Bell Atlantic to create a Teacher and Technology Associates program at the CIIT at Dana. This will allow them to buy equipment.
    • Newark campus NSF proposal entitled "Urban Social Systems and the Emerging Digital Library" to design metadata structure to pull together data from various campus research centers. CIIT is involved.
    • Two SROA proposals from Women's Scholarship and Leadership Committee: (1) create database on research in progress on women and gender studies; (2) establish a multimedia digital oral history archive on women leaders (to be part of D21).
    • SROA proposal to expand the NJ Center of Environmental Indicators (now integrated into the SCC) into a national center.
    • NJ State Library Preservation Program proposal from Special Collections to preserve World War II posters.
    • ITI proposal from New Brunswick Information Services Steering Group to enhance Shaping A Life program at Douglass through Web-based technology.
    • ITI Proposal from Art History Dept. to fund 12 workstations in the Art Library for access to images and databases.

Meeting adjourned 11:00 a.m.

Next meeting, March 22.

Respectfully submitted,
Penny Page, Secretary

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