Minutes of Coordinating Committee Meeting for the June 14, 2000 meeting

Dess, Gaunt, Haynes, Langschied, Olin, P.Page, Wilsom
Au, Beede, Womack
Consoli, R.Gardner, Li, Weber


  1. Minutes of the 4/19 Coordinating Committee meeting were approved. There was no meeting in May.
  2. Old business:

    1. Update from Ad Hoc Committee on Faculty Line Use (Olin)

      Olin distributed a copy of the report sent by this committee to Gaunt, Wilson, and Langschied. Several of the recommendations can be implemented very quickly, working with Sandy Troy: broader posting of positions on websites (suggested list included in report), revision of format and language of Academic Position Profiles (APPs), maintaining database of applicants (with their permission) who may be contacted regarding other RUL vacancies, and providing financial support for RUL librarians to attend professional conferences for the purpose of recruitment. Other recommendations will be referred to the Personnel Policy and Affirmative Action Committee for follow-up: examination of the interview process as well as examination of the Procedures for Filling Open or Newly Created Library Faculty Positions and the Library Faculty Position Review Form, with an eye toward streamlining the recruitment process. The Ad Hoc Committee also recommended that primary responsibility for recruitment be assigned to someone with good computer and communication skills as well as knowledge of personnel issues and employment trends for librarians. As conditions change, this person might need to shift focus to retention rather than recruitment.

      At a recent SLA meeting, Wilson talked with someone from LC about how they are dealing with recruitment problems. LC sends retiring librarians to library schools to recruit for LC positions. RUL could consider doing something like this, especially when librarians are travelling to areas that have library schools.

      A copy of the committee's report was sent to the full Coordinating Committee. The Ad Hoc Committee will continue to meet regularly to address their main charge on faculty line use.

  3. New business:

    V.P. Seneca will attend the 6/16 RUL faculty meeting and will give a brief report. Gaunt will send an email announcement of this to the RUL faculty. Dr. Seneca's report will be added to the meeting agenda, and a revised agenda will be distributed and voted on at the meeting.

  4. Committee reports:

    Most committee and council reports for the 6/16 faculty meeting have been distributed by email. Page will send reminder to committee chairs whose reports have not yet been received.

  5. University Librarian's report (Gaunt):

    Update on retirement celebrations for Rusak and Luck. Olin has been primarily responsible for mounting exhibition of Rusak's work at Douglass. There will be a reception for her at Douglass on 7/13 at 3:30 (announcement will follow). The exhibit will run through Aug. 31, and a catalog will be available. Arrangements for Luck are not yet complete, but Gaunt will consult with him to see what kind of ceremony he would prefer.

    Distributed copies of new ARL brochure on creating change in scholarly communication. This is also on the ARL website and is not copyrighted, so we can consider customizing for RU. We should start thinking about ways to program for advocacy from the departmental faculty. Olin distributed a copy of an article from the Chronicle that includes the "Tempe Principles" for transforming scholarly publishing. The creators of this document (including Marlie Wasserman from RU Press) are hoping to get endorsements from AAU and other scholarly societies as well as universities. We should involve RU faculty in discussions of these principles to get their feedback. Gaunt will bring this to the Planning Committee to decide how to proceed. Olin suggested that the Planning Committee link to the ARL brochure from their new website on scholarly communication. We should also think of other places on the RUL page to link to this.

  6. Announcements:

    Wilson and Langschied: The Coordinating Committee will not meet in July and August. Wilson and Langschied will send meeting dates for next academic year before end of August.

    Haynes: Camden has changed copy machine vendors. They are now using the same vendor as the New Brunswick Copy Centers and machines will be maintained by the Copy Center. This was done to facilitate network printing and to get upgraded machines. The previous vendor had provided a percentage kickback on copies to Camden, which was put into the travel fund. This will not happen now, but the need for improved public service seemed to outweigh the cut in travel funds.

    Langschied queried whether the Copy Centers were offering scanning service to the public? A faculty member was told recently that this service was not available to non-library persons. Gaunt suggested talking to D. Cryan about this because we do need to find ways of generating more revenue. In the past, the public revenue from the Copy Centers was used to offset the costs of administrative (internal library) copying. Now, however, public copying has decreased while administrative copying has grown, which has created a large shortfall. Network printing will hopefully close some of this gap, but other possibilities (such as scanning service) should be explored. This could also include selling spillproof mugs for use in the libraries, which would necessitate a change in the food and drink policy.

Meeting adjourned 10:35 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Penny Page

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