Minutes of Wednesday, January 30, 2002 Meeting

M. Fetzer, R. Gardner, M. Gaunt, T. Glynn, L. Langschied, M. Li, J. Mardikian, M. Page, H. Perez-Gilbe, R. Tipton (for Au), L. Vazquez, M. Wilson
T. Haynes, A. Tallau
M. Wilt


G. Agnew, AUL for Digital Library Systems, will be invited to speak at the March 8, 2002 RUL Faculty Meeting.

The Coordinating Committee endorsed merging the RUL faculty and staff email lists.

The Coordinating Committee endorsed filling the vacant PROP position to work on the Ask-A-Librarian service.


1. Agenda approved as amended.

2. Minutes approved as submitted.

3. Old Business

a. Discussion of "A New Framework for RUL Based on the DLI"

This discussion, to be led by A. Tallau of the Planning Committee, was postponed until the February 27, 2002 Coordinating Committee meeting.

4. New Business

a. "Investment in Learning" Report--Follow-up for Librarian Issues (M. Wilt)

Guest M. Wilt spoke about her role as Libraries' Training and Learning Coordinator. The report "An Investment in Learning," issued by RUL in the fall of 2000, made recommendations for the planning and development needs of RUL and RUL personnel on all three campuses. The overarching objective is the continued development of RUL as a goal-oriented learning organization. Major recommendations of the report included the establishment of an Institute for Library Leadership in the Digital Age, and a structure for empowering supervisors within the Libraries.

Three audiences for training and learning programs exist within RUL: faculty librarians, administrative professional staff, and support staff. The chief topics of concern for faculty are: leadership and soft skills, technical skills, and scholarly communications in the digital age. M. Wilt confirmed that these concerns remain the same since the report was issued. Multiple points of access for training and learning initiatives include: classroom training, brown bag seminars, and online experiences.

Several on-campus resources for partnering include: University Human Resources, the Center for Organizational Development and Leadership, the Teaching Excellence Center, Rutgers University Computing Services, and the Internet Technology and Program Institute. M Wilt has received expressions of interest for potential collaborations with the RUL Instructional Services Committee, and for exploring mentoring relationships in areas such collection development within RUL.

Upcoming events include:

  • A Leadership Institute led by Dr. Abigail Hubbard to focus on self-assessment and skill development in an ever-changing environment. (2/19/02, 2/20/02, same program on both days).
  • A six-part live webcast interview series offered by Teaching Learning Technology Group, runs on Tuesdays through March 5. Register at: www.tltgroup.org/calendar/interviews2002.htm
  • A Virtual Reference Services teleconference

(Part I: Overview of State & Variety of Virtual Reference Services, Friday February 8, 2002, from Noon to 2:00 p.m., Rutgers teleconference site: Food Science Bldg/Reading Room, Cook Campus)

(Part II: How Libraries Are Instituting Virtual Reference - Success Stories Friday April 19, 2002, from Noon to 2:00 p.m. Rutgers teleconference site: TBA).

In conclusion, M. Wilt reaffirmed the collaborative nature of training and learning program goals and encouraged feedback.

b. Discussion topic for the March 8, 2002 RUL Faculty Meeting

Several possible discussion topics were raised for the March 8, 2002 RUL Faculty Meeting, including current committee work, training and learning issues, the Planning Committee document "A New Framework for RUL based on the Digital Library Initiative (DLI)," and building an infrastructure for the DLI at RUL. Committee consensus was that Associate University Librarian for Digital Library Systems G. Agnew be invited to give a presentation on building an infrastructure for the DLI.

c. Proposal to merge RUL faculty and staff email lists

J. Boyle has proposed merging the RUL faculty and staff email lists. If the lists are merged it will be a closed list. J. Boyle was invited to be on the RUL staff list and noted that most messages of interest to RUL personnel are posted to both lists. Additionally, occasionally messages that are sent only to one list should perhaps be sent to both lists. If the lists are merged, it was suggested that messages announcing the merger should be sent. After discussion, Committee consensus was to endorse the notion of merging the RUL faculty and staff email lists on a trial basis.

An important aside emerged during this discussion regarding email best practices. It was suggested that if email messages include attachments, the text of the attachment be pasted into the body of the message. Alternately, the sender may wish to include a brief summary of the contents of the attachment it order to contextualize it for the recipient. Pasting the text into the message was suggested because of the following reasons: email attachments may be cumbersome to open, and viruses may travel within attachments. It was further suggested that RUL might wish to consider constructing a technical "best practices" page for email, file type and other concerns, though content development would pose a challenge. L. Langschied volunteered to bring the issue to the PC Working Group.

5. Report of the University Librarian


The state faces a grave budget outlook. The University has not heard officially in writing, however, five-percent giveback scenarios are being developed. The President's cabinet is working on target figures for the units. It is important to remain flexible. Funds should not be committed unless contractually obligated.

The University has issued an across the board hiring freeze unless in mission critical areas. As of January 31, 2002 no salary savings can be recouped if a staff member leaves.

In terms of collection funds, no new standing orders can be placed. No new monographic orders can be placed using state funds, although orders can be placed using non-state funds. All orders currently in Acquisitions will be processed. Approval plans will be carried out until the end of the fiscal year. Inter-library loan and document delivery will continue. Binding orders using state funds are frozen, however binding may continue using non-state funds.

VALE is considering strategic planning for a variety of financial scenarios, although its budget runs on a different timetable. The Libraries must build VALE planning into RUL planning.

R. Toyama and M. Gaunt met with the FAS chairs in New Brunswick, and discussed the five-percent cut scenario. While some journal packages may be pared down, others RUL is committed to in their entirety. The budget situation may be a way to encourage vendors to be sensitive to pricing issues.

RUL must also be sensitive to below the line expenditures, including voucher support, supplies, and other expenditures that while they may be minor in relation to the overall budget, indicate that RUL is paying close attention to finances. In short, RUL must consider both short-term and longer-term issues, develop priorities, and look for new ways to manage with existing resources. All ideas are welcome.


The PROP proposal position to work on Ask-A-Librarian (AAL) remains vacant. It may be possible to place someone in this line temporarily if, with Committee endorsement, it is felt that work on the AAL service is a priority and will promote long-term savings. After a brief discussion underlining the importance of the service and the many issues it raises (including patron privacy), the Committee strongly endorsed filling the PROP position to work on the AAL service.

6. Other

Committee report/announcement roundtable:

  • Public Services Council (R. Gardner): No report.
  • Collection Development Council (T. Glynn): A CDC subcommittee will consider the possibility of freezing our remaining gift funds so they can be provide a cushion during the next, expectedly lean fiscal year.
  • Technical Services Council (H. Perez-Gilbe): G. Agnew made a presentation at the last meeting.
  • Personnel Policy and Affirmative Action Committee (M. Li): The Committee will meet to discuss refereed journals in an electronic environment. The results may be discussed at the February 2002 Coordinating Committee meeting.
  • Newark campus (R. Tipton): No report.
  • Scholarly and Professional Activities Committee (L. Vazquez): No report.
  • Research Leave Review Committee (J. Mardikian): The Committee reviewed five sabbatical applications in December 2001.
  • Committee of Review, New Brunswick Campus (M. Fetzer): The exhibition Shakespeare: In Print, On State, On Film, Online opened in Special Collections and University Archives and will run through March 22, 2002. Three new librarians have joined RU: Karen Wenk, Sciences Digital Initiatives Librarian (NBL, based at LSM) J. Nathanson, Science Reference Librarian (NBL, based at LSM) M. Fraser, Director, School of Management and Labor Relations Library
  • Appointments and Promotion Committee (M. Page): Reappointments will be reviewed in the spring.

L. Langschied announced the Scholarly Communications Center will hold an open house on 2/26/02 at 11 a.m. and encouraged all to attend. Fifteen people will give short presentations in the IHL. The open house is intended to give faculty an idea of what collaborations with the SCC are possible, to foster a sense of integration within RUL, and to generate ideas.

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