Minutes of Wednesday, May 22, 2002

M. Fetzer, R. Gardner, T. Glynn, S. Harrington (recorder), J. Mardikian, R. Marker (for M. Page), H. Perez-Gilbe, A. Tallau, R. Tipton (for K.N. Au), L. Vazquez, M. Wilson
M. Gaunt, T. Haynes, L. Langschied

The meeting was called to order at 9:32 a.m.


1. The agenda was adopted as amended. (The wording of number 3, Old Business, letter a, was changed to the following: “Report from the Planning Committee to be presented at the June 7, 2002 RUL faculty meeting and follow-up.”)

2. The minutes were approved as amended.

3. Old Business

a. Report from the Planning Committee to be presented at the June 7, 2002 RUL faculty meeting and follow-up (A. Tallau, Planning Committee) The Planning Committee report, which accompanies the document “A New Framework for RUL based on the DLI,” is composed in a formal manner. The RUL faculty will be asked to vote on the resolutions listed on page three of the report. However, as it is a report emerging from a standing committee, the report does not need to be approved by the faculty.

The Planning Committee advocates the adoption of annual goals that build on the objectives of previous years, thereby establishing continuity and the ability to successfully complete longer-term projects. The priorities in the report have been established in the event that additional monies (with no provision for use) are made available to the Libraries. However, such priorities would also be protected in the case of budget reductions. The Planning Committee believes that the recommendations in the report will allow RUL to establish a firm foundation for approaching the future of the Libraries in a programmatic manner. It is important to stress, as is stated in the report, that the Libraries commitment to traditional responsibilities such as collection development would continue.

The Coordinating Committee discussion pointed out that implementing these priorities might require changes in the structuring of tasks and activities to accomplish such goals with decreasing staff and resources. Indeed, it is perhaps useful to ask whether such tasks can be accomplished with RUL’s current organizational structure. It was also noted that retrospective conversion has been a recurring priority for a period of years. The Planning Committee position is that retrospective conversion must be part of RUL’s overall collection building efforts.

As the tasks and activities of all RUL faculty intersect with the recommended priorities, it is crucial to develop a sense of what is important to the overall organization. Each individual faculty member should consider what these priorities would mean to his/her responsibilities. In short, RUL must consider its future role as a research library.

Finally, there was some discussion of the availability of the report on preservation prepared by outside consultant Paul Conway. This report may be of interest in relation to the Planning Committee’s recommendations dealing with preservation. M. Wilson agreed to discuss the issue with the appropriate parties.

4. New Business Wrap-up for Coordinating Committee activities for AY 2001-2002 Library faculty web page: M. Wilson will send out the draft of the library faculty web page when it is ready for comment. The Committee members should examine the organizational outline of the page, keeping in mind that it is an organic page that will likely change monthly.

Brief reports of issues for/from committee chairs:

It is suggested that Committees taking office this July may wish to elect chairs during the month of June.

Committee of Review (M. Fetzer): There was no new business before or recommendations issued by this University-mandated standing committee. Personnel Policy and Affirmative Action Committee (M. Fetzer): The Committee worked on referrals from the Coordinating Committee, including the document “Procedures for Filling Open or Newly Vacated Library Positions” and the definition of refereed journals for librarianship. Work is ongoing on the definition of a refereed journal for librarianship; a working draft was distributed.

New Brunswick Campus (M. Fetzer): At the next New Brunswick library faculty meeting the faculty will decide whether or not to change the process for election of the New Brunswick representative to the Coordinating Committee.

Technical Services Council (H. Perez-Gilbe): The Council has dealt with numerous issues including retrospective conversion, digitization (including the preservation of digital resources), and hardware/software stability.

Scholarly and Professional Activities Committee (L.Vazquez): This year’s brown bag seminars have been a total success. The Committee will remain attuned to the work emerging from the sabbatical and short research assignment leaves approved by the Research Leave Review Committee, and the two committees may consider closer collaboration in the future. Public Services Council (R. Gardner): Issues that come to the PSC are often also considered by the Technical Services Council and/or the Collection Development Council, resulting in related, but different, discussions at each Council.

Planning Committee (A. Tallau): The Committee is interested in the potential development of a listserv that would allow for faculty discussion and exchange on a variety of issues.

Newark campus (R. Tipton): There was no report for the Newark campus. Collection Development Council (T. Glynn): A challenge for members of the Council in particular subject specialties is to be an advocate for particular disciplines, while at the same time serving as an advocate for collection development in RUL as a whole.

Research Leave Review (J. Mardikian): The Short Research Assignment guidelines will be reexamined.

Camden campus: There was no report for the Camden campus.

Advisory Committee on Appointments and Promotions: There was no report from the Committee.

Rules of Procedure Committee: There was no report from the Committee.

5. Report of the University Librarian

There was no report from the University Librarian.

6. Other

There was no other business.

7. The meeting was adjourned at 11:52 a.m.

The Rutgers University Libraries Coordinating Committee would like to recognize Dr. Adeline Tallau for forty years of exemplary service to the Libraries, most recently as chair of the Planning Committee. On behalf of Rutgers librarians past, present, and future, thank you, Addie, and congratulations on your well-deserved retirement.

Respectfully submitted,
Sara Harrington
RUL Faculty Secretary

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