Minutes of October 27, 2004 meeting

J. Cassel, M. Weber, F. Perrone (recorder), J. Niessen, J. Gardner, R. Bogan, S. Harrington, K. Mulcahy, R. Gardner, T. Glynn, R. Tipton
J. Maxymuk

[Approved November 24, 2004]


1. J. Cassel called the meeting to order at 9:35 a.m. M. Gaunt was unable to attend.

2. The agenda was adopted by consensus.

3. The minutes of the Planning and Coordinating Committee of September 22, 2004 were approved by consensus.

4. Report of the Faculty Coordinator: J. Cassel encouraged the faculty to attend the State of the Libraries meeting on Wednesday, November 3. A message has been distributed asking for nominations for the Steering Committee for the Strategic Plan. Nominations are due November 8. At the orientation for new RUL employees, several issues arose as to the status of Librarian Vs, which will be discussed further. J. Cassel has received a communication asking for clarification of the preamble to the Faculty Bylaws, which was forwarded to the Rules of Procedure Committee. The point of clarification referred to the statement that the Library Faculty is parallel to other university faculty groups.

5. Old Business: A report on the revisions submitted to the Rules of Procedures Committee at the last meeting will be brought to the next RUL Faculty Meeting.

6. Continuing Business: Follow-up to Task Force on Diversity report on the subject of mentoring. J. Cassel distributed a copy of a memorandum from Holly M. Smith, Executive Dean to FAS Department Chairs strongly encouraging all FAS departments to establish mentoring committees. J. Cassel also distributed a presentation handout from a 2004 ALA annual conference program on "The Art of Mentoring: Creating Learning Partnerships". Discussion of this agenda was tabled until the next meeting in order to give committee members time to read the items carefully.

7. New Business:

a. Faculty Meeting Agendas: S. Harrington, Chair, Scholarly and Professional Activities Committee (SAPAC), distributed draft Guidelines for the Organization of Faculty Research Salons, and solicited responses from the Committee. In response to calls for clarification, there was discussion of renaming the program Research Salons, and encouraging staff to participate as well. The group felt that there needed to be some clarification of the purpose of the salons, the nature and content of presentations, the intended audience, and method of publicity. Discussion ensued on the need to emphasize that the libraries are the intellectual center of the university, and to find new ways of bringing faculty and graduate students, who frequently access the libraries remotely, back into the libraries. The Teleconference Hall is an ideal venue for presentations that can attract a wide audience. The format of the presentation can be flexible according to the nature of the event and the needs of the participants. The document was referred back to SAPAC for further consideration.

J. Niessen introduced the proposed program for the open part of the November 12 RUL Faculty Meeting. D. Fishman (FAS-Psychology) will discuss a new electronic journal, PCSP, (Practical Clinical Studies in Psychology), which will be launched as part of the Rutgers Digital Repository. Howard Dess and Ron Jantz will be facilitating the program.

b. Open Faculty Lines: It was noted that advising on open faculty lines was a responsibility of the former Planning Committee. A lively discussion followed. A number of faculty lines are currently open or filled by temporary librarians. Other faculty lines have been turned into staff positions over the past years. Lack of resources, changing priorities, and changes in the nature of librarianship have had an impact at RUL. However, the decline in numbers of full-time faculty members is part of a broader trend in higher education and a cause for concern, especially as enrollment has risen at many institutions. The newly formed Planning and Coordinating Committee hopes to continue to act in this advisory capacity, particularly in light of the current strategic planning process. It was decided as a first step to try to collect information about the evolution of the RUL faculty over the past twenty years.

c. Discussion of data assembled by Sheila Creth, Organization Development & Human Resources Consultant. (distributed via email with the agenda). J. Cassel distributed the compiled data and asked the committee to identify faculty issues. A question arose as to whether a formal summary report with recommendations was expected from Ms. Creth. The Committee attempted to review the document, and identified workload, meetings and communications, campus cultural differences, boundaries/walls, future role of librarians, and governance issues as important concerns. The data also reflected an overall concern in how faculty members can fulfill RUL's mission in the face of increasing demands and diminished resources. In the interests of time, individual committee members volunteered to review the findings regarding the issues of concern identified above, and send summaries to the Planning and Coordinating Committee electronic list by November 17.

8. Report of the University Librarian: None.

9. Concluding Meeting Summary: J. Cassel summarized the tasks, outcomes, and accomplishments.

10. Future Agenda Items: Continuing Business items are: 1) Report from the Rules of Procedures Committee, 2)further discussion of faculty mentoring, 3)further discussion of open lines, and 4) follow-up on Sheila Creth's report. Under New Business, J. Niessen announced that the Scholarly Communications Committee will be doing a web survey of the department liaisons to find out about digital projects being done by the teaching faculty.

11. J. Cassel adjourned the meeting at 11:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Fernanda Perrone
Faculty Secretary

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