Minutes of November 28, 2007 meeting

Jeanne Boyle, Kayo Denda, Marianne Gaunt, Tom Glynn, Michael Joseph (chair), Elizabeth Leister, Jackie Mardikian, John Maxymuk (remote), Laura Mullen, Jim Niessen (secretary), Bobbie Tipton (remote), Myoung Wilson, Ryan Womack
Rhonda Marker)

1.-3. Call to order, Agenda, Minutes

The meeting being called to order, its agenda was adopted and previous approval of the October 17 minutes was noted.

4. Report of the Faculty Coordinator

The Rutgers University Libraries Faculty (RULF) meeting on November 16 approved proposed changes to the bylaws for the implementation of the two councils, to take effect July 1, 2008.

The Chair noted that we chose to keep our deliberations regarding our nominees for the Dean Evaluation Committee confidential in accordance with the model of voting on promotion and tenure; in lieu of a specific precedent that model seemed appropriate.

The Chair brought the committee’s attention to the lack of a chair for the Personnel Policy & Affirmative Action Committee. After some discussion, we decided that although an annual appointee had offered to serve as Chair, and there is no bylaw proscribing annual appointees from serving as committee chairs, it would only be appropriate for a tenured librarian, or librarian in the tenure stream, to chair this particular committee in light of the committee’s purpose. We decided to ask the Rules of Procedure (RoP) Committee: to draft a new bylaw specifying that RUL committees must elect a chair, or co-chairs; to review the eligibility for chairmanship on a committee-by-committee basis; to consider downsizing committees (on a committee-by-committee basis) to eliminate redundancy.

It was mentioned that The American Library Association sets a three-committee limit on committee memberships within each division, and perhaps we should consider the same limit.

The School of Communication, Information, and Library Studies (SCILS) has renamed its Ph.D. program with the omission of the word “library,” prompting consternation and discussion in the New Jersey library community. The SCILS Ph.D. faculty will meet on Friday, November 30 about this matter, making it opportune for RULF to express its opinion on the matter in a timely manner. Our committee (P&CC) considered a draft resolution urging the program to “retain the name of its Ph. D. program as Communication, Information, and Library Studies.” There is concern that recruitment to the library profession would be undermined by the omission of the word “library.” The resolution was PASSED with amendments; the name of the Ph.D. program ought to include “Library.”

5. Old Business

Transition of the Planning Committee (Boyle, Denda)

Boyle and Denda distributed a document, “Post-Planning Committee proposal to the Planning & Coordinating Committee.” In lieu of the former committee operating as a subcommittee of our committee, Boyle expects to appoint ad hoc planning groups as appropriate, and advise Cabinet and P&CC on relevant needs. The Deputy Faculty Coordinator will continue to serve on Cabinet. The proposal was APPROVED with a minor amendment.

Faculty Lines

The University Librarian distributed the text of her follow-up to the discussion at the RULF meeting and led further discussion. Following the RUL meeting met with Dr Furmanski and expressed satisfaction with the state of the discussion. The lines on the list were examined in turn:

  1. Archivist positions will be a high priority for RUL. For the purpose of online applications such as Encoded Archival Description (EAD) these are labor intensive positions requiring highly qualified archivists.
  2. Science Data: can these positions be folded together?
  3. Electronic Resources: can these be folded together?
  4. Gifts and Donations: is this a faculty position?
  5. Outreach: this term is vague, needs better definition. Does it make sense to have a dedicated faculty line for this?
  6. Slavic and Arabic Language Catalog Librarian: Juxtaposition of these disparate language groups is intellectually suspect.
  7. Information Literacy: fold the instruction librarian and technology positions together
  8. Scholarly Communication
  9. Africana Studies: will be separated from the Latino Studies position
  10. Globalization and Global Issues

The University Librarian is receiving further feedback from the designated point persons. The committee would like to ensure a role for faculty in adjudicating among these positions. At this point our goal is to make as strong a case as possible for each position, then the University Librarian will get a sense of how many positions we can get, and finally the adjudication will take place. P&CC can set up criteria for what is a faculty position, for instance is likely to resonate with Dr. Furmanski’s notion of what merits a faculty position or what requires special skills that we can recruit more successfully by providing faculty status and the prospect of tenure. Things we already do or should be doing are less compelling justification for new positions. Post doc fellows may be an alternative way to do this.

Non-tenured librarians

Table for next meeting.

6. New Business: Family Leave and Teaching Responsibility

Mary Page and Jackie Mardikian attended a meeting of the AAUP before the contract was signed with its provision of additional family leave for teaching faculty that seemed to exclude librarians. Glynn, Niessen, and Womack presented to P&CC a draft resolution proposing that RUL interpret the passage to include librarians by virtue of their instructional role. However, it appears that the signatories intended that the additional family leave only apply to departmental faculty and RUL does not have the option of interpreting the contract in another sense. P&CC asked Glynn, Niessen, and Womack to draft a new resolution that deplores the wording of the contract and emphasizes solidarity with other categories of faculty that experience the same treatment.

RULF should be mindful of the need to secure representation in future contract negotiations.

7. Report of the University Librarian: Report on the Status of Open Lines

It was agreed that the search for a Physical Sciences Librarian is urgent, as there is nobody currently on staff who can conduct chemical structure searches. The Pharmacy Librarian line in LSM is currently under discussion. For Robeson, the subject responsibilities may be shifted after the current retirement.

There will be future discussion on the proposal for the revision of licensure rules. The University Librarian will inform the administration that we are concerned about the level of detail in the librarians’ job description and the mention of the MLS requirement. For now the matter was tabled.

8. Concluding Outcomes, Tasks, and Accomplishments

  1. The Planning Committee has sunset. Boyle will appoint ad hoc committees as needed and consult with Cabinet and P&CC.
  2. There will be a special faculty meeting or meetings to refine the faculty line descriptions based on feedback from the point persons.
  3. The Family Leave working group will prepare a new resolution for presentation to the P&CC.
  4. Open lines are still being addressed.
  5. Joseph will contact PPAAC about electing a chair, ask RoP to address the size of committees and the need for each committee to select an appropriate chair,
  6. Resolution on the name of the SCILS PhD program will be quickly redrafted, sent to P&CC for review, sent to Profs. Belkin and Friedrich and shared with the RULF list.

9. Future Agenda Items

  1. Licensure
  2. Resolution for AAUP re: family leave
  3. Non-tenure track faculty
  4. New lines

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