Minutes of December 16, 2009 Meeting

Vibiana Bowman Cvetkovic (Coordinator), Marianne Gaunt, Melissa De Fino (Secretary), Farideh Tehrani, Jeanne Boyle, Bobbie Tipton, Helen Hoffman, Linda Langschied, Triveni Kuchi, Marty Kesselman, Katie Anderson (Remote)
Haipeng Li (Remote), Bob Sewell
Judy Gardner, Tom Izbicki

1-3. Call to order, Agenda, Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 9:40 a.m., due to technical problems with teleconferencing equipment. The agenda was adopted. Vibiana Bowman Cvetkovic made a motion to approve the minutes of the November 18, 2009 meeting. Helen Hoffman seconded the motion, and the minutes were approved.

4. Report of the Faculty Coordinator

Cvetkovic reported that she has created a Sakai site for chairs of councils and faculty committees. She has posted recommendations for the election of chairs and for the convening of the councils' and committees' first meetings of the year. Chairs have also been invited to contribute to the handbook for chairs and elected officers, which Cvetkovic will start in a folder in the drop box on Sakai.

The Information Literacy Planning Task Force is meeting on December 16th, following the Planning & Coordinating Committee (P&CC) meeting. Triveni Kuchi is chair of this task force, and will bring their recommendations to the January P&CC meeting.

5. Old Business

Report on Collective Research Document (Boyle and Tehrani)

Marty Kesselman made a motion to call a vote on the Collective Research Document. Bobbie Tipton seconded, and with a voice vote the motion passed.

Prior to the meeting, Jeanne Boyle and Farideh Tehrani had posted the document to Sakai for comment. They reported that three comments had been received:

  1. Identify P&CC as the voice of the document.
  2. Include a definition of collective research.
  3. Include a clear statement about individual research and project initiatives.

The document was updated to reflect these suggestions. Cvetkovic called for a vote to approve the document, and it was approved. Questions arose about how this initiative will be implemented. Linda Langschied suggested that collective research be added to the Short Research Assignment. This discussion was tabled for the January P&CC meeting.

Report on recommendations for changing membership composition of LRC and USC preparatory to a by-laws change for March faculty meeting discussion (Cvetkovic)

Cvetkovic is chairing the task force that is examining the membership of LRC and USC. She will meet with the two councils in January and report back to P&CC.

Update on Library Instruction Mission Statement from the User Services Council (USC) (Kesselman)

Kesselman reported that USC tabled this discussion until the work of the Information Literacy Planning Task Force is completed. This issue will be a tentative agenda item for the P&CC's January meeting.

Planning for special faculty meeting on January 25 to discuss status, mission, and composition of the Committee on Scholarly Communication (CSC)

Bob Sewell and Haipeng Li, co-chairs of the CSC, were invited to the meeting to answer questions about the committee. Sewell reported that CSC is beginning its 3rd year with ad-hoc status. He reviewed their charge and membership, and gave an overview of the work done in the past two years. Marianne Gaunt distributed the proposed by-law changes regarding CSC. A brief discussion followed about the addition of digital librarianship to the committee's subject representation areas.

A question arose about what it means to be a faculty committee. Gaunt explained that faculty committees are meant to be continuing, are established in the by-laws and have a faculty member as chair. Non-faculty can be members of faculty committees. Cvetkovic asked the chairs of CSC to compose a document outlining the committee's mission, membership and rationale. It was suggested that the committee also address their relation to the councils and P&CC.

Cvetkovic called a vote to recommend that CSC continue as a faculty committee, and be listed as such in the by-laws. The motion was carried with 7 yay votes, 1 nay vote, and 1 abstention.

Kesselman recommended postponing the January meeting to combine with the Jim Neal presentation on February 19th. P&CC approved. Cvetkovic will attend the CSC meeting on January 21st.

6. New Business

No new business to report.

7. Report of the University Librarian

Jim Neal presentation on Feb. 19

Neal will reprise his presentation at Pratt on the future of academic research libraries and the challenges and issues facing us. He will also talk about 2CUL, which is a collaboration between Columbia and Cornell for technical services operations, and other liaison roles.

Follow-up from Dean's Five Year Review

Teaching and library faculty gave a lower score on the recruitment and retention of library faculty. Gaunt asked P&CC what this might mean. Do the teaching and library faculty think that we are not recruiting and retaining quality faculty, or that we do not have enough faculty? Cvetkovic noted that user surveys show a strong approval of librarians.

Diversity recruitment/Faculty handbook

The faculty handbook offers guidelines for increasing diversity. Gaunt recommended establishing a joint task force of members from the Diversity Committee, P&CC, and PPAAC to look into this. The task force will review the diversity that we have right now in our faculty and staff and try to think about where we want to be in the future and how we can get there.

Discussion followed on ways to increase diversity within our faculty and staff. Suggestions included partnering with SCI to increase our diversity internship program, increasing our search pool to attract more diverse candidates, and working with various ALA and ACRL committees on diversity and new members. Gaunt will draft a charge for the task force, including the suggestions made, and will present the charge to P&CC.

8. Summary of Meeting Outcomes

9. Future Agenda Items

10. Adjourn

The meeting adjourned at 11:25 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Melissa De Fino
Faculty Secretary

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