Minutes of February 24, 2010 Meeting

Since all agenda items were updates and information sharing, Vibiana Bowman Cvetkovic, Marianne Gaunt, and Judy Gardner decided to hold February's meeting of the Planning and Coordinating Committee (P&CC) electronically through the committee's Sakai website. Reports and updates were posted to Sakai and all discussion was held over email.

Approval of minutes from January meeting

Melissa De Fino posted the minutes from the January meeting to the Sakai site. Cvetkovic created a poll for committee members to vote to approve the minutes. The minutes were approved unanimously.

Report of Faculty Coordinator

Update on Committee on Scholarly Communication

The faculty by-laws were updated at the Feb. 19th faculty meeting to make the Committee on Scholarly Communication a standing faculty committee.

Update on Organizational Review Teams

At the February 23rd Cabinet meeting, Mark Winston reported on the progress of the Steering Committee for the RUL organizational review task force. The three teams (Grants, Materials Delivery, and Reference) have completed preliminary reports. The goal is for the teams to share revised reports with Cabinet at the March meeting. Cvetkovic will share more information as it becomes available.

Old Business

Implementation of a Library Faculty blog (Cvetkovic)

Cvetkovic posted information to Sakai about the RUL faculty blog. Julie Still has volunteered to do the groundwork for investigating how to get a blog going. Cvetkovic reported that there might be something to demo by the March P&CC meeting.

Update on Library Instruction Mission statement from USC (Kesselman)

The User Services Council (USC) felt it was best to wait until the Information Literacy Task Force, chaired by Triveni Kuchi, finished their work before an information literacy statement was finalized. The USC also recommended that the Information Literacy Task Force consider developing a mission statement as part of their work, rather than the USC.

P&CC Information Literacy Task Force (Kuchi)

Members are currently working in key areas to gather information and ideas for creating a report that will serve as background and support for Gaunt and a university-wide group. The key areas were outlined in the minutes of the January P&CC meeting. Theo Haynes has volunteered to join the task force. The next meeting is scheduled for March 8, 2010 at 9:30 a.m.

Report from University Librarian

Task Force on Diversity Recruitment

The task force has met once already and has another meeting scheduled for early March. They are looking at existing procedures for recruitment and the language in the APPs. They will work with PPAAC on existing faculty procedures. They expect their report to be produced by the end of April.

Budget updates

Gaunt has been told that RUL's cut will be about 3% this fiscal year. She is awaiting confirmation on the exact amount, but expects it to be about $750K. This will come from salary savings accrued on the frozen staff/faculty vacancies. RUL needs to produce a report on the impact for Vice President Furmanski by March 1st. This is not a permanent return of funds, but next year's cut will be permanent. Despite this return we do expect to have some year-end funds and are prioritizing how they will be spent to ameliorate a major cut next fiscal year.

Other updates

Gaunt met with Vice President Pazzani regarding collaboration with his office and in particular the university's priority in the area of scientific and social science data. He is going to organize a small group that will include the Libraries, OIT, and research faculty to discuss common interests in this area and plan for future grants.

March Faculty Meeting

Because there was no business that needed to be transacted, Gaunt made a motion to cancel the March 5th faculty meeting and reschedule for another date as necessary. A poll was created on the Sakai site, and committee members voted unanimously to cancel the meeting. The motion was approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Melissa De Fino
Faculty Secretary 2009-2011

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