Minutes of November 17, 2010 Meeting

Jeanne Boyle, Melissa De Fino (Secretary), Judy Gardner (Coordinator), Rebecca Gardner, Marianne Gaunt, Tom Glynn, Laura Mullen, Jim Niessen (Deputy Coordinator), Michelle Oswell, Jane Otto, Gene Springs, Roberta Tipton (Remote)
Katie Anderson
Rhonda Marker, Li Sun

Call to order, adoption of the agenda, approval of minutes of October meeting

J. Gardner called the meeting to order at 9:35 am. The agenda was adopted by voice vote. The minutes of the October meeting had been approved through a Sakai poll and distributed to RUL Everyone prior to the meeting.

Report of the Faculty Coordinator

J. Gardner announced that Tom Izbicki and Haipeng Li will co-chair the Committee on Scholarly Communication (CSC). An invitation to attend the December Planning & Coordinating Committee (PlanCo) meeting has been extended to both of them, as well as to Nancy Kranich, chair of the Liaison Action Committee.

Cabinet is discussing the strategic planning process. PlanCo members should be prepared to discuss this in the spring.

Old Business

Reports from groups examining potential areas for new faculty positions

Electronic Resources and Emerging Technologies (G. Springs, M. Oswell, L. Mullen)

Recommendations were distributed and discussed. After discussion, the title "Digital User Experience Librarian" was selected. It was recommended that this position report to Research & Instructional Services (RIS), with close ties to Technical and Automated Services (TAS).

Digital initiatives and digital archives (J. Otto and J. Niessen)

J. Otto and J. Niessen divided this functional area into two positions.

1. Science Data Librarian (J. Niessen)

The Science Data Librarian would report to RIS. J. Niessen noted that this position has increased relevance due to the new NSF grant guidelines. Discussion focused on timing and whether the opportunity to prepare ahead for a developing area outweighed the chance that the necessary infrastructure to support the position was lacking.

2. Digital Archivist (J. Otto)

The Digital Archivist would bring an archival perspective to RUcore development and will integrate Special Collections and University Archives (SC/UA) activities and hidden collections into RUcore. Reporting structure of this position is undetermined. J. Otto will consult with faculty in the units she represents, SC/UA and TAS, and report back to PlanCo.

Information literacy and undergraduate education (T. Glynn and R. Tipton)

The presented title for this position was "System-wide Information Literacy/Undergraduate Education Librarian." As proposed, the position would provide leadership and training to peers across the library system in instructional design and use of new media. Discussion followed on the details of this position.

R. Gardner shared the results of the New Brunswick Library Faculty survey of new library positions. New Brunswick Library faculty ranked the Information Literacy and Undergraduate Education position as their number one priority for new faculty positions, receiving a score of 32 on the survey. This was followed by the Science Data position, receiving a score of 19; Electronic Resources with a score of 18; and Digital Initiatives and Archives with a score of 16. Other choices on the survey were Acquisitions, Distance E-Learning, Metadata, Outreach/International Initiatives, and Scholarly Communications and Copyright.

Copyright and Scholarly Communication Librarian (L. Mullen and J. Boyle)

J. Boyle presented a job description for this position, which she will present to Cabinet.

J. Gardner asked that PlanCo members load finalized recommendations to Sakai within the next week. Additional discussion of these positions will be held online and J. Gardner will contact faculty about PlanCo's decisions.

Report from faculty positions statistics group (J. Niessen, R. Tipton, J. Boyle, J. Gardner)

The group postponed their discussion until the December meeting.

New Business

Rules of Procedure Committee's proposed changes to the RUL Faculty by-laws: staggered terms on the Library Resources Council (LRC) and the User Services Council (USC), and selection of functional and campus representatives to PlanCo. (R. Marker and L. Sun)

Staggered terms on LRC and USC

LRC and USC have four elected members each. All terms will expire in 2012. The Rules of Procedure Committee (ROP) is asking to extend two elected positions in each council until 2013 to avoid the problem of finding all new representatives for CSC, USC, and LRC in the same year. Staggering terms also provides continuity on the committees. J. Otto made a motion to accept the proposal. J. Boyle seconded.

Changes to language of by-laws

Standing members of USC include Chair of the Web Advisory Committee (WAC) and Director of Information Technology. The Director of Information Technology is now the Director of Integrated Information Systems. ROP suggested representative titles be changed from job titles to functional areas to avoid updating language in the by-laws every time job titles change. After discussion, PlanCo decided to see this issue through another year and not make any changes at this time.

Electing representatives to PlanCo

ROP suggested updating the by-laws to include the wording, "elected by the faculty from among its members" to avoid confusion in how members are elected. J. Gardner will also add this to the faculty handbook. She called for a motion to approve bringing this proposal to the next faculty meeting. J. Otto so moved and L. Mullen seconded. The proposal was approved by voice vote.

Report of the University Librarian

M. Gaunt postponed her report until the December meeting.

Summary of meeting outcomes and future agenda items

The next PlanCo meeting is scheduled for December 15, 2010. T. Izbicki, H. Li, and N. Kranich will attend as guests for a discussion of liaison roles. PlanCo members should prepare questions relevant to that discussion. All tabled items from this meeting will be included on the agenda for December's meeting.


J. Gardner called a motion to adjourn, which was moved by J. Niessen and seconded by R. Tipton. The meeting adjourned at 12:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Melissa De Fino
Faculty Secretary, 2009-2011

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