Minutes of September 14, 2011 Meeting

Katie Anderson, Joseph Deodato, Rebecca Gardner, Melissa Gasparotto, Marianne Gaunt, Jim Niessen (Coordinator), Jane Otto, Roberta Tipton (remote), Ryan Womack (Deputy Coordinator), Tao Yang (Secretary)
Jeanne Boyle

The meeting came to order at 9:32am.

Report of the Faculty Coordinator

Niessen shared his experience about the university's new faculty orientation in August. This was the second year the orientation was held at the Visitor Center. The main event took place on the first floor. Gaunt spoke to the new faculty on behalf of the RUL. However, because the information booths for the library and other units were set up on the second floor, some new faculty neglected walking upstairs. Gaunt will pass on this feedback.

Niessen recently learned that the RUL representations on university bodies (Senate and Faculty Councils) are based on the number of faculty lines the library has; the three new lines added recently helped the RUL to retain the second seat in the Senate. It is important for the library representatives to attend the meetings and be active in the committees of university bodies.

Old Business

Leadership development program

Based on previous discussions on the leadership development program, Niessen developed a draft proposal for the RUL Leadership Education and Development Committee (LEAD). Members reviewed the document and suggested some changes. Major changes involved the section on "Criteria for the Vetting of Candidates", which will be renamed "Considerations for the Ranking of Candidates". In this section, the first consideration will be revised to allow "applicants in existing, aspiring, and new leadership roles" to apply; the sixth consideration will be changed to "prior participation in leadership development program will be considered"; "other considerations" will be added to the list as the seventh. Changes in two other sections were also proposed, including removing the phrase "with stated criteria" at the end of "Committee Charge" and changing the word "exclusive" to "exhaustive" in the "Suitable and Acceptable Leadership Programs". Members then approved the document with the recommended changes.

New Business

Strategic plan update

According to the strategic planning charge given by Gaunt, Niessen led the discussion to expand the list of priorities under the five draft strategic goals. Five new priorities were proposed:

Goals for this year

Niessen proposed four items as the Committee's goals for this year (with some overlap with the new strategic priorities being recommended):

These goals were adopted after some discussion.

Report of the University Librarian

Vice President Richard Edwards is coming to the November faculty meeting, but Gaunt was not sure if he will stay for the whole meeting. There will be a Q&A session. What do we want to hear from him? Suggestions included asking him about his agenda for this year, where the library fits into his goals, and his thoughts about emerging liaison roles.

Dr. Edwards is also creating a task force on diversity, which is an important issue for President McCormick. The RUL needs to think about how to move forward on this.

In this year's budget, the state made a 5% cut to the benefit lines to higher education, which may impact the library. The details will not be available until October.

Faculty members have been exempted from the new residency requirement, but no process is defined for exempting other positions.

Dana Library will be converting two vacant staff lines to faculty lines, which will include the Head of Institute for Jazz Studies and a new Digital Humanities Librarian position.

Friday is the date of the president's annual address. Gaunt encouraged people to attend.

Gaunt suggested the Committee hold a future discussion on the development of international programs in the university and the impact on the library. China and India have been identified as highest priorities to the university, but there are many activities in the other countries as well. How should the library support the university's international efforts without jeopardizing essential areas of library services to RU faculty and students?

HathiTrust is being sued by the Authors' Guild. This is an interesting case to challenge digitization of orphan and other works. What is the legal standing of the Authors' Guild in this case? Also, four out of five universities have state sovereign immunity and cannot be sued. Other cases were also noted. It was suggested that we ask Janice Pilch give an update on copyright cases pointing to the major issues involved of which we should be aware.


Niessen reviewed the progress made in the meeting. The LEAD document was approved. Some new priorities were recommended for the new strategic goals. The Committee will have four goals to work on this year. The Rules of Procedure agenda item will be postponed to next month's meeting, when the agenda for the November faculty meeting will also be discussed.

The meeting adjourned at 11:30am.

Tao Yang
Faculty Secretary

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