Minutes of May 16, 2012 Meeting

Katie Anderson (remote), Jeanne Boyle, Joseph Deodato, Rebecca Gardner, Melissa Gasparotto, Marianne Gaunt (University Librarian), Jim Niessen (Coordinator), Jane Otto, Roberta Tipton (remote), Ryan Womack (Deputy Coordinator), Tao Yang (Secretary)
Stephanie Bartz, Melissa De Fino, Elizabeth Leister, Donna Wertheimer (remote), Mark Winston (remote)

The meeting came to order at 9:37am.

1. Report of the Faculty Coordinator (Niessen)

A special faculty meeting was held to discuss the NTT faculty promotion procedures and criteria on May 11.

Pursuant to a previously proposed agenda item, Gasparotto drafted a document describing the responsibilities of faculty representatives on all kinds of committees (not just faculty bodies). Members made several suggestions about the document:

2. New Business: Target of Opportunity Hires and Line Conversion (Winston)

Mark Winston was invited to discuss his experience in initiating target of opportunity hires and converting staff lines to faculty lines. He first talked about converting staff lines to faculty lines.

Winston then answered two questions about line conversion: Will the faculty line increase the expense? In converting a vacant staff position to a faculty position, the unit must have salary dollars to cover a base faculty position (currently about $60K); central will cover any additional salary as part of negotiations. The benefits are not an issue. Is there access to funding from the Newark campus? Typically there is only funding for one-time requests, except a small budget for the Diversity Research Center.

The target of opportunity program was created by former EVPAA Furmanski several years ago to increase the diversity of faculty. If a department hires someone through the program, Furmanski would fund half of the salary for three years; the unit must have the vacant line and the other salary dollars. It is not intended to replace the diversity hires through the regular process. Winston has initiated target of opportunity hires at Dana twice, first with the Associate Director position and second with the Data Services Librarian position. The success was due to the strong qualifications of the candidates, the support of the previous Chancellor at Newark, and campus needs.

3. Old Business: NTT promotion criteria/procedures

Library NTT faculty shared with the Committee a document they drafted, which was based on the AAUP principles distributed to members and suggestions received at a March meeting with a Rutgers AAUP staffer, Rich Moser.

Here are some of the main issues members discussed:

A sub-group will work on the NTT promotion criteria and procedures and the NTT faculty will continue to be involved.

4. June 15 business meeting agenda.

There will be another discussion of the NTT issue. Mentoring program wrap-up will also be on the agenda. Is there any bylaws change? Bartz will follow up on that.

5. Report of the University Librarian (Gaunt)

6. Summary of meeting outcomes (Niessen)

We revised the document on the roles of campus representatives. Winston shared his experience of converting staff lines to faculty lines and initiating target of opportunity hires. The NTT discussion addressed a document presented by current NTTs; we need to move forward in the coming weeks. The agenda for the June 15 faculty meeting has three possible items. The Committee will discuss the NTT issue and the mentoring program in the next meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 12:02pm.

Submitted by Tao Yang, Faculty Secretary.

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