Minutes of February 20, 2013 Meeting

Ka-Neng Au, Jeanne Boyle, Vibiana Cvetkovic (remote), Judy Cohn, Judy Gardner, Marianne Gaunt (University Librarian), Jackie Mardikian, Laura Mullen (Deputy Coordinator), Caryn Radick, Ryan Womack (Faculty Coordinator), Tao Yang (Faculty Secretary)
Tom Glynn, Janice Pilch

1) Call to order (RW)

The meeting came to order at 9:32am.

2) Adoption of the agenda (RW)

The agenda was adopted without any change.

3) Report of the Faculty Coordinator (RW)

To finalize the research services report, Womack will reach out to the small groups that drafted individual sections of the report. An emeritus library faculty has requested to join the faculty/staff blog. Members discussed this request in light of recent lawsuits brought by publishers against librarians and decided to explore this further at a future meeting.

4) Old Business

Faculty Lines in the Future (all)

What will our final product be for the discussions of librarians of the future? Under the influence of the recent University-wide Qualtrics survey for strategic plan, Womack wanted to develop a survey about the librarians of 2023 that extends to both RUL faculty and UMDNJ librarians. The survey will be conducted in two phases: the first one will ask people to select qualifications and skills that are absent in RUL but will be needed in 10 years and the second one will ask people to rank the qualifications and skills, with the consideration if a particular skill is specialized or everyone has to have it.

Discussion ensued. Some major comments were: the list of skills and qualifications can be used in recruitment and training of existing librarians and it was cautioned not to create apprehension. In terms of granularity, the survey and the answers will be middle ground. We need to differentiate personal qualifications vs. task qualifications. We are looking for skills not currently available in RUL. Some needs, such as the need for archivists with the ability to read cursive handwriting, may be unique to individual units or tasks.

The survey will be anonymous. The first part of the survey will come out in early March and the second part in April. To foster futuristic thinking, three works will be recommended to RUL faculty: "Redefining the Academic Libraries", "Futures Thinking for Academic Librarians", and the Horizon report.

5) New Business (40 minutes)

Planning March Faculty meeting (all)

The agenda items for the March faculty meeting include the following:

Members agreed on the plan for the meeting.

6) LEAD Committee (RW, MIG)

Rules of Procedures wanted to know if the LEAD committee will continue. Mardikian is the committee chair and she reported that no application has been received this year. Womack gave some background information: the initial impetus for the LEAD committee is that there are a lot of opportunities out there; they are more costly than regular conferences and we want to make sure people are aware of these opportunities. Cohn shared information about the practice of leadership training in health sciences librarianship, which usually goes through AIIP.

After some discussion, members agreed on several action items: the LEAD program will be marketed more regularly (twice a year). The program will be added to the mentoring process. RUL administrators are encouraged to nominate candidates for the program. It will be made clearer that the program is for both faculty and staff.

7) Report of the University Librarian (MIG)

The University is invited to join Coursera, one of the MOOCs. RU will offer three courses in Coursera and will be compensated for its involvement.

The library is preparing letters to all the online resource vendors, which fall into three categories. The letter to the vendors with content unique to Rutgers will say the content will open to UMD users as of July 1. The letter to the vendors with content unique to UMD will say UMD will no longer exist and the content is not expected to open to the rest of the RU until the time for renegotiation. The letter to the vendors with content common to RU and UMD will say that the status quo will remain. The University's legal counsel is in the process of approving the final copy of the letters. There are a total of about 600 letters. Some vendors may come back and ask for renegotiation. If they don't, the only action for them is to add UMD IP range for access to RU unique content.

Also relating to the integration, UMD will use the Rutgers logos approved for each of their units as of July 1.

The CIC membership only applies to the New Brunswick campus of the University, the same as the AAU status. But this distinction does not apply to the RUL since we operate as one system. President Barchi has since clarified that CIC and AAU status benefits the entire university.

Gaunt had two recent discussions with faculty on digital humanities. The Newark faculty she talked with was very interested in oral history. The New Brunswick SAS faculty she talked with was interested in having the library as a center of oral history and a place for faculty and students coming in to use software and resources to explore digital humanities in general. She will meet with SAS Exec. Dean Rick Falk to discuss his priorities and potential support. We will also need quantifiable information from the schools about their needs. To respond to faculty requests, the best way is to start with something small.

The Chemistry Library will be closed some time next semester in anticipation of the project to build a new Chemistry Building on Busch campus. Tom Izbicki and Melissa Just are working on this.

8) Summary of meeting outcomes

Womack summarized the meeting outcomes: We have decided to conduct two-part survey on the Librarians of 2023. Between the two surveys, the group will work on finalizing the list. June faculty and PlanCo meetings are reserved for RU/UMD integration. If PlanCo does not need to discuss integration, the June meeting might be canceled. We discussed the issues of opening faculty/staff blog to emeritus librarians, which will be a full agenda item. We set the agenda for the March faculty meeting and the post-faculty meeting discussion. We discussed strategies to revive the LEAD program. We also heard fast-moving developments in the University from Gaunt.

9) Adjourn

The meeting adjourned at 11:28am.

Submitted by Tao Yang, Faculty Secretary.

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