Minutes of October 21, 2015 Meeting

Natalie Borisovets (Deputy Faculty Coordinator), Leslin Charles (Faculty Secretary), Adriana Cuervo, Melissa De Fino, Roberta Fitzpatrick, Tom Glynn (Faculty Coordinator), Karen Hartman, Linda Langschied, Yu Hung Lin, Christine Lutz, Krisellen Maloney (University Librarian), Jonathan Sauceda, Minglu Wang, and Zara Wilkinson.

The meeting was interrupted by a fire drill requiring that attendees exit the library. It then resumed at 9:50.

1) Adoption of the agenda (Glynn)

Agenda items 5 & 6 were switched.

2) Old Business

  1. Guidelines for the Evaluation of Librarianship (De Fino): An overview/background was presented and discussion ensued. It was noted that the last revision was done in 2003 and technical services had not been addressed. The following changes were recommended and approved by PlanCo:
    1. 2nd paragraph: Hence, these guidelines are presented in the form of questions and will require constant updating. Change 'constant' to 'periodic'.
    2. Subheading: Technical Services: Apply technical services to support collection development, e.g., collaboration with collection development librarians and user services librarians to analyze usage, access, retrieval, and impact of resource use? Change: 'collaboration with user services librarians to advance the development of the collection'[I don't have anything in my notes, but Melissa's revisions don't include this. In any case, I think we probably left in collection development librarians.]
    3. Add 'collaborate with user services librarians to advance the development of the infrastructure that supports the provision of high-quality library services?'

3) Report of the Faculty Coordinator (Glynn)

  1. Minutes: Minutes from the last meeting will be forthcoming. The secretary was ill. Members will be given one week to suggest changes after they have been distributed. After that time, they will be considered approved.

4) Report of the University Librarian (Maloney)

  1. In preparation for the discussion on the results of the survey on committees, Krisellen Maloney asked PlanCo to consider that faculty by-laws are currently under review and changes to the way councils are formed should be anticipated.

    In preparation for the discussion of the SWOTs and priorities, Krisellen Maloney made some general comments on how SWOT analyses can be used effectively for planning.
  2. Four priorities were noted:
    1. Streamlining the organizational structure and decision making processes
    2. Enhancing RUL support for undergraduate education
    3. Acquiring support from the university for advanced research
    4. Focusing on special collections and IJS collections to fulfil our stewardship in these areas.

5) Old Business

  1. RUL Councils, Committees, etc. (Glynn): Survey response rate was 25%. There is a general summary that will be shared with RULF. It should be noted and conveyed to faculty that streamlining of committees should not be construed as limiting faculty input in important decisions. It is important that such surveys remain anonymous.

6) New Business

  1. SWOT Analysis and Priorities (Glynn): Following discussion on the SWOT, additions were recommended. (See document) Discussion on priorities was tabled to the November meeting.

7) Summary of outcomes (Glynn)

  1. PPAAC: The committee approved the changes to Guidelines for Evaluation of Librarianship proposed by the Personnel Policy and Affirmative Action Committee. RUL faculty will vote on the changes at the spring faculty meeting.
  2. SWOT analysis and Priorities: The committee discussed and added to the summary SWOT analysis produced by Cabinet. It will discuss Cabinet's final list of priorities at the November meeting.
  3. Survey on Faculty Committees: The committee discussed and approved the summary of responses to the recent survey on RUL committees prepared by Glynn, Cohn, and Cuervo. The summary will be sent to the RUL faculty to inform our discussion of committees at the faculty meeting on October 30.

8) Announcements (All)

Adriana Cuervo is scheduled to present at SAPAC at 12 noon, Wednesday October 21: "The Newark Citizen Historian Initiative."

The meeting was adjourned at 11:25. Next meeting is scheduled for November 18, 2015.

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