Minutes of December 16, 2015 Meeting

Natalie Borisovets (Deputy Faculty Coordinator), Leslin Charles (Faculty Secretary), Adriana Cuervo, Melissa De Fino, Roberta Fitzpatrick, Tom Glynn (Faculty Coordinator), Karen Hartman, Linda Langschied, Yu Hung Lin, Christine Lutz, Krisellen Maloney (University Librarian), Jonathan Sauceda, Minglu Wang, and Zara Wilkinson.

This was a special meeting of the committee, open to all library faculty and administrators. The purpose of the meeting was to begin the process of reconfiguring RUL faculty groups and working groups. It was decided prior to the meeting that a productive first step would be to solicit from the Library Resources Council (LRC), the User Services Council (USC), and the Committee on Scholarly Communication (CSC) advice as to how to we might reconfigure those and other RUL groups, issues we will need to address, etc. Most of the meeting was devoted to producing "Guidelines for Statements re: RUL Groups" (Appendix).

We also discussed reconfiguring our groups more generally. Krisellen Maloney, VP for Information Services and University Librarian, opened the meeting with a brief explanation of the need to create new groups. She said that our faculty groups, as they operated before the changes to our bylaws, were not in accordance with university regulations. Faculty groups provide advice and consultation, but cannot assign work. In the ensuing discussion it was suggested that the faculty need some direction, some broad vision from the administration as we begin this process and also that we should be considering our administrative structure as well, which has not changed for many years. It was proposed that we essentially start from scratch; that we not be guided by the configuration of our groups in the past, but rather start with the Libraries priorities and build from there. Krisellen said the administration will plan these changes, but recommendations from the faculty and other groups are an important part of the process.

It was decided that USC, LRC, and CSC will be requested to provide their statements to Tom Glynn, the faculty coordinator, by January 20. The Planning and Coordinating meeting on January 27 will also be an open meeting devoted to a broad discussion of the reconfiguration of RUL groups. Tom will send the three statements to the faculty prior to the meeting.


Guidelines for Statements re: RUL Groups, December 2015

Several factors -- including new leadership, changes in the bylaws, and dissatisfaction with the current groups as voiced through the SWOT analyses and faculty survey -- have combined that make it necessary to redefine the RUL groups.

As we begin the redefinition process, it is important to remember that University Policies define the duties and responsibilities of the VP, AULs and Directors.

Section 50.1.6 states (among other things) that the VP will:

Section 50.1.7 states (among other things) that the AULs and Directors will have general administrative responsibility for the programs of their departments, including:

University policy also defines the authority of groups that are charged through the faculty body. Section 50.1.9 (B5) states that nothing in this regulation (that defines legislative bodies) shall abrogate the duties and responsibilities of the VP, AULs, Directors, or the rights and responsibilities of individual faculty members under the statements of academic freedom.

What advice, direction can you offer as we consider reconfiguring RUL groups? This includes not just the work done by your group, but the all of the groups represented on the concept map.

Your statement should be perhaps one to three pages in length, substantial and thoughtful, yet succinct. Bullets point where appropriate.

Some questions you may want to consider in crafting your statement:

  1. What are the best ways to address the concerns raised in the faculty survey?
  2. What are the best ways to do the work done by your group, other groups? Can we consolidate the work of certain groups?
  3. What success or failures have you encountered?
  4. What are issues particular to your group, other groups?
  5. How can we ensure that decisions are made efficiently but also with the appropriate degree of consultation?
  6. What are the best means of communicating the work done by RUL groups?
  7. How do we determine, balance system-wide versus local needs, initiatives, prerogative?
  8. How do we determine the best size and mix of colleagues for a group, providing functional and geographic representation, including staff and administrators, to get the best work done?
  9. How do we achieve the right balance, so that everyone feels they have an opportunity to participate and contribute?
  10. Ways that faculty and staff work together effectively?
  11. Are there issues in our organizational culture that should be addressed?

Next steps:

The chairs of LRC, USC, and CSC will send their statements to Tom Glynn by January 20. He will then send these statements out to the RUL Faculty list. They will be discussed at the PlanCo meeting on January 27. All faculty will be invited.

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