Minutes of Coordinating Committee Meeting for the Sept. 17, 1997 meeting

Ka-Neng Au, Susan Beck, Ilona Caparros, Marianne Gaunt, Ellen Gilbert (recorder), Theo Haynes, Marty Kesselman, Jackie Mardikian, Mary Page, Ruth Simmons, Farideh Tehrani.

1. Welcome.

2. The Minutes of the Meeting of May 28 were approved with two minor corrections

3. Report of the University Librarian:

- VALE, the statewide collaborative effort, is moving forward, although it is not clear at this time whether or not electronic databases will be considered appropriate use of the $5 million available. The overall emphasis is on connectivity.

- A meeting on 9/16 for tenured librarians to discuss their role in the reappointment and promotion process went well, with about 25 people attending. The discussion will be written up and circulated among the tenured faculty. An important change is that the 1L form will include electronic publications. There will be a workshop for untenured faculty in the Spring.

- MIG received the Report of the Task Force on Fee Based Services. She will meet with EFabiano tomorrow to discuss the details of this well-done report; details at the next Coordinating Committee meeting and discussion at the next Faculty Meeting to follow.

- JSeneca attended the last Cabinet meeting (he does so about once a semester) and spoke highly of the libraries, noting the implementation of SIRSI, service levels, and the New Brunswick reorganization as current high points. We are encouraged to support a particular goal of his: to help teaching faculty become more computer literate. Many are already putting their course contents and syllabi on the Web; others should follow.

- CRL will be coming for a site visit; date to be announced. A public presentation, long-range planning and the newly-formed Steering Committee will be involved.

(At this point we were reminded that the Coordinating Committee had agreed last Spring to reorder its agenda, with the University Librarian's report at the end to allow for more discussion of critical issues. Next month's meeting will so follow.)

4. Report of the Faculty Coordinator.

-Mary reminded us of the dates of upcoming Coord. Com. Meetings: Oct. 22, Nov. 29, and Dec. 17, all Wednesdays at 9:30 am in the 3rd floor conference room.

-The next RUL faculty meeting will be on Fri., Nov. 14, in the SCC in Alex. It was agreed that minutes from this and most other upcoming meeting would be circulated via email. If there is an urgent issue, committee members are encouraged to informally contact their respective constituences right after a particular meeting. MIG is meeting with PGraham to discuss a central archive for minutes.

5. Old Business: None.

6. New Business.

-New Brunswick reorganization will not impact the Guidelines for Promotion and Reappointment (issued by JSeneca's office annually) this year. Next year will see a change in bylaws providing for a different configuration of A & P, which will depend on how the units are defined. The Rules of Procedure Committee will look up the existing bylaws and make recommendations.

-The composition of the SACs remains the same for now.

-A Steering Committee, consisting of 23 members from across the University, is being created in response to a recommendation by last Spring's Summit Conference, to address the libraries' Long Range Plan and look at the "big picture" over the next five years. The Committee will meet the last week in Sept. or beginning of Oct. The SACs have been asked to submit lists of key issues. Jeanne Boyle is our internal contact person. It was suggested that there be some liaison between the ongoing task forces and the SACs. Potential areas of interest include partnerships with teaching faculty, offsite services, and the nature of the collections. MIG announced that there can be several public forums on major themes and we may want to incorporate the upcoming visit of CRL representatives and the planned Copyright and Intellectual Property Symposium into this planning. Our goal should be to contribute to the University's mission; we should also consider what are our unique responsibilities as the State University of NJ. Susan Beck is one of two librarians (other than RUL administrators) chosen to be on the Steering Committee. (Shortly after this meeting Addie Tallau was chosen as the other.)

7. Committee Reports.

-A&P: ICaparros reported that there will be a small number of tenure and reappointment actions during this coming year, but numerous job interviews.

-Review: has no Chair at the present time.

-Rules of Procedure: BBeede absent.

-SAPAC: EGilbert expressed interest in having this committee participate in the above-mentioned public forums.

-Planning: SBeck reported that there has been one meeting to date, which focused largely on the Long Range Plan.

-Personnel Policy and Affirmative Action: RSimmons circulated a report detailing PPAAC's priorities for the coming academic year: the RUL/LIS Cooperative Internship/Residence Program; the Second Annual Spring Symposium; another Joint Meeting with the Diversity Committee, and a Review of Procedures for Filling Faculty Lines.

-SRA: MKesselman reported that one person's application for an SRA had been supported, and that there are no applicants to date for the Oct. 15 deadline.

-SACCDM: no report; meeting tomorrow.

-SACOPS: has met once, also focusing on the Long Range Plan.

-SACOTAS: RSchwartz absent.

8. Area Reports.

-Newark: Au reported on a Computer Services Labs renovation, creating a temporary Computer Lab in the basement of Dana. Renovation of a 2nd floor room is creating a study lounge for honors students. Dana has been asked to participate in a campus-wide effort concerning undergraduate education, and MIG noted the current University-wide attention being given to undergraduates, in the hopes of attracting the best students.

-Camden: THaynes reported that Robeson is also providing space for honors students in the library. There will be an Open House reception to demo IRIS and new full text databases to teaching faculty on Sept. 24, from 2 to 4 pm.

9. Announcements

-RSimmons: Three new exhibits during the coming year include one with a student guest curator: Rutgers College becomes coed. The two other exhibits will be the Jerome Autograph Collection (including documents signed by, among others, Voltaire and Beethovan), and an outreach program under which Ruth will be taking an exhibit to Japan in Nov., that has attracted national attention.

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