Minutes of Coordinating Committee Meeting for the April 22, 1998 meeting

Mary Page, Marianne Gaunt, Jackie Mardikian, Susan Beck, Ka-Neng Au, Stan Nash, Ilona Caparros, Ellen Gilbert

1. Minutes of previous meeting approved.

(The Planning Committee was complimented for a worthwhile, well-organized presentation at the April 3rd RUL Faculty Meeting.)

2. a) Role of the Coordinating Committee:

There was unanimous agreement that the the Coordinating Committee should concern itself with faculty issues and policy, rather than faculty work and day-to-day operations. Systemwide concerns should be at the forefront, along with an effort to keep other committees from working at cross-purposes. Committees can and should be making decisions appropriate to their charges; it is not necessary to reiterate them at Coordinating Committee, where larger issues should be the focus. A good example of such an issue is discussion and recommendations regarding the degree of technical expertise RUL wants in new faculty. Beginning with its next meeting (5/20) , the Coordinating Committee Meeting Agenda will not include traditional committee reports. (Any handouts relevant to any recently emailed committee meeting minutes can be routed through each unit.) The presence of the University Librarian at Coordinating Committee meetings was discussed; it was suggested that MIG be present at least part of the time so she can convey new University-wide concerns to the Committee, and to hear, and address, faculty concerns raised by Committee members.

b) Faculty Bylaws:

Suggested definitions of New Brunswick units have been made; they are of particular concern with respect to promo & tenure processes. (There is a separate, University-produced document on promo & tenure procedures specifying what "units" do in the process; they can be grouped together however desired; thus it is critical to define our units.) It was noted that of perhaps greater concern than the composition of the units is the composition of the six-member Appointments & Promotions Committee. Since members from a unit in which a faculty member is coming up for promotion or tenure cannot participate in theA&P discussion, the consolidation of several libraries into one New Brunswick unit may create some difficulties.

*It was suggested that the Standing Advisory Committees be reconfigured to more fully reflect faculty expertise appropriate for each SAC. (This was an important item at the recent New Brunswick Faculty meeting.) Hypothetical membership on the SACs could be as follows:




Again, these are hypothetical. RUL faculty are urged to direct comments about this proposed change and the committee compositions (representation is critical) by May 15 to Faculty Coordinator Mary Page.

Discussion will continue at the next Coordinating Committee Meeting (May 20), followed by distribution of a recommendation of the proposed change prior to the June 12 RUL Faculty Meeting. This matter will be discussed at that meeting and voted upon. If a consensus is reached, special elections will be held to elect SAC members following the new model.*

3. Planning Committee Responsibilities:

The Coordinating Committee approved adoption of a paragraph for the "Procedures for Filling Open or Newly Created Library Faculty Positions" (developed by the Personnel Policy and Affirmative Action Committee and adopted Mar. 3, 1988) recognizing that the Planning Committee should be informed of a vacancy, will meet within 10 business days, and that its deliberations and recommendations concerning the relationship of the open position to program priorities will be reported to the University Librarian. Final decision on the deployment of an open line still rests with the University Librarian. PPAAC will be asked to amend the "Procedures," and RUL faculty may vote on this suggested change at the next (6/12) meeting.

4. University Librarian's report:

Richard Lucier's presentation was excellent and well-received, providing good ideas for long- range planning.

5. Faculty Coordinator: no report.

6. Area reports:

New Brunswick: Newark concluded a successful faculty training program; teaching departments will follow up with their own training programs. It was recommended that the library program be repeated; it was a good experience for everyone, and increased the teaching faculty's appreciation of what librarians do.

Meeting adjourned at 11/55 a.m.

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