Minutes of Coordinating Committee Meeting for the Sept. 15, 1999 meeting

Gaunt, Wilson, Becker, Consoli, R.Gardner, Langschied, Li, P.Page, Tipton, Womack


  1. Minutes of the June 22 meeting were approved.
  2. Old Business:
    The draft RUL mission statement prepared by Mary Page needs to be reviewed by all units, and there should be a chance for staff input, too. PP will send a copy of this to all committee members for discussion at next meeting. We will wait until spring faculty meeting to put on the agenda, to allow time for all units to comment.
  3. New Business:
    1. Faculty elections - Due to persistent problems getting candidates to run for committees and offices, Ben Beede has suggested that we run only single candidates if we have trouble finding more for a position. The By-Laws wording should not need to be changed, since it states that we should have two candidates for a position "whenever possible." The Committee endorsed this recommendation.
    2. Proposed dates for faculty meetings- The following dates were approved:

      Friday, Oct. 29, 1999 and Friday, March 10, 1999. The proposed date for the annual business meeting, June 2, will be revisited due to a schedule conflict.
    3. Tentative agenda items for 10/29 RUL faculty meeting - We will follow the standard agenda format as set forth in the By-Laws, but will move introduction of new faculty under "Communications." As established last year, we will ask committee chairs and RUL Council representatives to submit their reports to the faculty via email at least two weeks prior to the 10/29 date. This will still be listed as an agenda item to allow time for any comments or questions regarding reports received. Reports from University Senators and Faculty Council representatives will be presented at the meeting. Although we have no old or new business to list on the agenda at present, we will include these as agenda items to allow for contributions from the floor. Also, we want to continue the practice begun last year of having a "hot topic" item for discussion. Some suggestions were professional development and staff training, the Common Knowledge Database, and the impact of distance education on the libraries. MIG will contact Ray Caprio to ask him to lead a discussion on RU's distance education efforts at our 10/29 meeting. MW will send a call out to RUL faculty for other possible discussion topics. She will prepare a draft agenda for the 10/29 meeting and forward to Coordinating Committee for approval before distributing to RUL faculty.
    4. Campus representatives for Coordinating Committee - We have been very loose in our procedures for selecting campus representatives for this committee. From the By-Laws it seems as if they should be elected on each campus, but Rules of Procedure hasn't been involved in this. The Newark and Camden representatives have already been chosen for this year (Au and Haynes), but we do not have a NB rep. The Committee recommended that in the future, the Faculty Council representatives (for Newark and NB) should also serve as the campus reps to the Coordinating Committee. For NB the senior Faculty Council rep would serve. We will forward this recommendation to Rules of Procedure. Discussion at spring faculty meeting.
    5. Terms of Faculty Coordinator and Deputy Faculty Coordinator - MW suggested a change that would allow time for the Faculty Coordinator to gain experience before taking on the role. Each year we would elect a new Deputy/Coordinator-Elect, who would serve one year in that capacity and then move up to Faculty Coordinator the following year. The committee enthusiastically endorsed this proposal. MW will forward this to Rules of Procedure. Full discussion at spring faculty meeting.
  4. Report of the University Librarian:

    We expect to hear on the budget request soon. Meanwhile we are proceeding with our cancellation plans.

    The Governor has not yet signed the bill for the capitol renovation funds, but she's expected to do so soon. [Note: legislation was subsequently signed on 9/21.] RUL should get some portion of the $169 million. Our top priority is completing the back bay at the Annex. Julio DiMeo is attending a retreat on the capital campaign. RUL must have its capital fund-raising plan completed by 9/30, and it must specify what we're raising money for, why, and how much we're expecting to raise. It is important to identify as many potential large donors in the "major gifts" portion of the campaign and have them assigned as RUL prospects. Many corporations and foundations are under the wing of the President's office, and approaching them is managed by the Foundation on a priority basis.

    Holding a promotion workshop at end of October, focusing on promotion from Librarian II to Librarian I.

    Instructional Services Committee has recommended creating a position for an Off-Campus Instructional Coordinator, to handle the variety of service issues that are increasing with RU's various distance ed programs. Need to determine if this will be a new line or an existing position. That committee has also recommended that instructional responsibilities be added to all academic position profiles. There will be more discussion on this.
  5. Committee Action Plans for AY 1999-2000:

    We will extend the Oct. 1 deadline for committee action plans till the next Coordinating Committee meeting (10/20). All committee chairs should bring their plans for this academic year to the meeting for discussion.
  6. Next meeting, Oct. 20.

Respectfully submitted,
Penny Page

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