Minutes of Coordinating Committee Meeting for the Nov. 17, 1999 meeting

Au, Becker, Consoli, Dess, R.Gardner, Gaunt, Haynes, Langschied, Olin, P.Page, Tipton, Womack
Beede, Weber, Wilson

The meeting was chaired by Linda Langschied, Deputy Faculty Coordinator.


  1. Minutes of the Oct. 20, 1999, meeting were approved.
  2. Old business:
    The draft RUL mission statement has been discussed in Cabinet, and some changes have been suggested. It will now go to the units for discussion and should come back to the Coordinating Committee with feedback by spring.
  3. New business:
    1. Follow-up on 11/3 promotion workshop (Gaunt):
      The handout and the "Guidelines for Activities and Documentation..." for promotion are being revised. Besides rank review-initiated by a candidate who has been at Librarian II at least six years without being evaluated in the last four-it is possible for candidates to be put up for promotion by the University Librarian, the VP for Academic Affairs, or the unit personnel committee. (A & P may also put someone forward, but this must go as a suggestion to the University Librarian.) With rank review, the department is obligated to proceed, but that is not the case if the candidate asks to come up earlier or is nominated by others. In any case, if the action is unsuccessful the candidate must wait another three years to try again. Gaunt feels that being nominated by others gives a stronger impression to the university. The committee discussed ways of encouraging this process. It is important to learn more about what our colleagues are doing; brown bags and faculty surveys are possible ways. Librarian I's should be responsible for encouraging and mentoring potential candidates. Perhaps they could meet annually to review materials for those who are interested in pursuing promotion to Librarian I. Gaunt will follow up with the Librarian I's. She will also check to see if the unit personnel committee refers to the campus library or to RUL. Becker noted that most Librarian I's are in New Brunswick, so the personnel committee would probably have to be systemwide.

      Langschied asked for clarification about the "ten year rule." This means that for someone who has been in rank at Librarian II for at least ten years (without review in the last four), increased consideration will be given to the service category when going up for promotion. Gaunt explained that this meant service to the profession and the university, not just to RUL.

      Becker stated a concern regarding the letter sent by RUL to potential confidential reviewers. This is the same generic letter used to request reviews for tenure actions. For promotion to Librarian I, we need to be clear that this differs from a tenure action, and a higher level of accomplishment/activity is expected. Gaunt will ask S. Troy and the Personnel Policy and Affirmative Action Committee to review the letter and make recommendations.
    2. Progress report on committee action plans:

      Planning Committee (Tipton) - Will meet 11/17.

      Research Leave Review Committee (Haynes) - Still tweaking procedures. Gaunt has had problems with some Short Research proposals. Candidates don't always indicate the impact or applicability of their research or what work they have previously done on the project. Some proposals seem too ambitious for 22 days, but the candidate doesn't state what portion would be completed during the leave. Gaunt feels that the guidelines for the SRA are okay, but the form could be revised to clarify what information is needed. Wilson will work with the RLRC on this.

      Personnel Policy and Affirmative Action Committee (R.Gardner) - The "Guidelines for Activities and Documentation with Respect to Reappointment and Promotion of Library Faculty" have been revised and now include material on electronic publications.

      Collection Development Council (Consoli) - Next meeting is 11/18. The lump sum allocations for state and non-state funds have been made and are in the process of being divided. All cancellations have been submitted and are available for review. CDC has been discussing the possibility of joint purchase/subscription for electronic products (example, Muse purchased through Palinet). Also looking at the form for requesting networked electronic resources-i.e., items to be purchased from central funds. All requests for such products should go through the CDC representative for the subject area: Consoli-humanities, Tallau-sciences, Vazquez-social sciences, and Beck-general. Selectors do not need to follow this process if they are paying for the resources from their own funds. Phase II of the databases review is underway to analyze those we currently have networked as well as those that are not networked. Appointments and Promotions (Becker) - Will be doing three personnel actions this year. One candidate interviewed for labor archivist.

      Technical Services Council (Dess) - No meeting in October.

      Scholarly and Professional Activity Committee (Womack) - Have received feedback on SRAs and FASPs and will meet next week to plan programs for the spring.

      Steering Committee on Training and Development - Langschied reported that the Coordinating Committee has received a copy of "RUL Learning, Training and Professional Development Needs and Concerns," which we will need to complete as a committee at our 12/8 meeting. This needs assessment is being sent to Cabinet and systemwide committees. Langschied will distribute copies to CC members prior to next meeting.
    3. Follow-up on Richard Novak's presentation at 10/29 RUL faculty meeting:

      Au - We need to get our foot in the door [with the online university]. We could offer a free generic seminar/tutorial, and we should also try to link up with the courses being taught by offering to do a library component. We should take advantage of the offer for "guest" status, which would allow us to request access to courses being offered in order to browse the modules and determine the status.

      Langschied - Should Instructional Services Committee be mandated to look into this? Could we develop a for-credit course? It would cost us money to develop (ecollege fees, etc.), but we would get tuition money from the course. Would we get enough to recoup our costs?

      Tipton - The courses currently available online began with real-time and then expanded to online. Maybe we should follow that example and learn how to do this successfully before going online.

      Consoli - Did a 3-credit honors course for FAS with 50 students and got very good reviews (won teaching award), but it wasn't done again. Also did 1-1/2 credit course for French Dept. graduate students; they want to continue with focus on electronic resources.

      Langschied - Nash and Langschied taught 1-1/2 credit course on Saturdays that got good reviews. Maybe we should consider doing a research project to compare effectiveness of course delivery for real-time and online.

      Gaunt - We need to find out who's thinking of doing online courses so we can approach them early. J.Boyle is on Novak's committee; Gaunt will ask her to serve as our link for this information. She will also ask the Instructional Services Committee to pull together the various generic instruction modules that we have developed in RUL (e.g. Knowledge Maze, using IRIS, using Ovid). These could be the basis for a general online library instruction program.
  4. Report of the University Librarian (Gaunt):
    Received confirmation from Seneca that a half-day copyright workshop will be held on all three campuses in the early spring. It will focus on intellectual property and the critical issues to take into account in the revision of the RU copyright policy.

    The Library Committee of the NB Faculty Council has been charged to look at how library allocations are made, how they differ among disciplines, and how they fit with the RU strategic plan. Gaunt has talked with Sewell about the need to write up in general terms our philosophy for collection development allocations and how decisions are made. We will need to make faculty aware that as we turn more toward electronic resources, this will necessitate making systemwide decisions. There has been no strong feedback on the letter sent to all faculty about the RUL special allocation.

    A new issue of the RUL Report will be out in 2-3 weeks. This goes to faculty and outside patrons. It is one of our advocacy tools. Another tool within the university is the Academic Affairs Updates from Seneca's office. Please use this as a means of blowing your own horns. We could consider posting the library portion of this on our Web page.
  5. Announcements:
    Consoli - Pres. Lawrence attended the last NB Faculty Council meeting and talked about the impact of electronic systems on the university. H.Hoffman will send the minutes via email. TA's have complained about a lack of training; their report is available from Consoli or Hoffman. For the university's sexual harassment policy, the union has negotiated to have faculty peers involved if the sexual harassment officer plans to recommend suspension of a faculty member without pay.

    Au - The Book Arts Symposium was held at Dana 11/5, and the exhibit is still up in the lobby and on the 4th floor gallery. There will be a book and record sale on 12/1-2.

    Becker - The Bishop Lecture has been postponed until spring. On 12/13 a new exhibit will open celebrating the 50th anniversary of the International Union of Electrical Workers. The curator is Jim Quiggle, who will be leaving us shortly for a new position at Penn State. The miniature book exhibit will only be up a few more days.

    Olin - The first Estelle Lebowitz Visiting Artist-in-Residence Lectureship was held with Carolee Schneemann, a performance and installation artist, as lecturer. A new exhibit starts at Douglass next week-"Urban Chronicles" by Gloria Rodriguez.

    Langschied - Got a request from patron looking for form to file sexual harassment complaint. Apparently RUL is listed as one of the contact points. Patron was sent to Library Administration. Gaunt will check into this to see if/who actually has the forms. Reminder that L.Vazquez has a salon for her new book at the Center for Latino Arts and Culture on 11/18.

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