Minutes of January 14, 2003 meeting

S. Bartz, P. Cabelli, E. Calhoun, R. Hosh, P. Jones, K. Reichardt, A. Ruggiero, G. Smulewitz (recorder), D. Walker


  1. Workflow Time Analysis
  2. Doc-mono Series
  3. Full Serial Marcive Records

I). Workflow Time Analysis
Andrew Ruggiero introduced a spreadsheet.  The intent of the spreadsheet is to track the time it  takes to process the Fed. Depository material from the time it arrives until it is shelf ready.  This includes all record adjustments and shipping material from Alexander Library to LSM.  It was recommended that more columns be entered into the spreadsheet to include the following:

1. Date received at Alex- recorded by D. W.
2. Date processed by D. W.
3. Date reviewed at Alex- recorded by S. B.
4. Date Marcive available in workflows – recorded by A. R.
5. Date processed- recorded by A. R.
6. Date received at LSM – recorded by S. P.
7. Date processed at LSM – recorded by S.P.

Also, it was suggested that there be a separate worksheet for each format within the same file.

II.) Doc mono-series
 Some mono-series are being shipped and the accompanying record is a serial record.  How should these titles be handled?  The Holdings Working Group has been discussing the possibility of linking the individual mono-series records to a serial record for the series through linking 856s.  In other words, each monographic record has a unique URL. That URL can be linked to a designated field in the serials record to make searching less complicated.  This issue will be pursued in the Holdings Working Group and through the Technical Services Council.

III.) Full Serial Marcive Records
 E. Calhoun reviews list:

If two records appear in database – 1 brief with 500 note of SERMARPEN

Ellen will put a note in database  for that title that brief record exists with an annotation of “brief”  A query from the database will produce a list of “NEW” or “brief “ records. 
These records will not go to Serials Cataloging.  They will be processed by NBLCS.  Inventories for these titles need to be done in some cases.  

- Starting with the January loads of the “NEW serial titles” sudoc #s will be added to the report.  The report will include the following information:

Title Control #
Notes field

- The process will be complicated and will require judgment, therefore a group will meet to work with the Access database, perform a query and process the material.  They will meet on the 21st at 9:30.  Members will be:

A. Ruggiero
S. Posluzny
P. Cabelli
R. Hosh
G. Smulewitz
K. Reichardt.

-Pre-MARCIVE documentation for processing depository material already exists.  As we proceed it will become necessary to merge our Post-MARCIVE and Pre-MARCIVE documentation.

-We must first finish the processing instructions for NEW serials and CHANGED serials processing for MARCIVE loads before merging documentation.

IV. Discussion Items

A.) Andrew R. reported that there are problems with particular pages on the NBL server.  It was advised that NBLCS review the pages to make sure the information is current.

B.) G. Smulewitz reported that a proposal is being evaluated to merge operations between NBL Access Services and NBL Collection Services.  The evaluation is based on where operations form a continuum for processes to be completed and where expertise can be shared for cross training, particularly records management, collection management and record interpretation for the public.

C.) Claims processing for exhausted claim s were reviewed.  D. Walker and S. Bartz will discuss and review problems and report results at next meeting.

Next Gov Docs meeting – 2/11/03
Recorder: Diane Walker

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