Minutes of October 14, 2003 meeting

Paul Cabelli, Kayla Reichardt, Ellen Calhoun, Suzanne Posluszny, Bob Hosh, Andrew Ruggiero (Chair)(Recorder), Diane Walker, Stephanie Bartz, Harriet DeCeunynck, Elizabeth Leister, Wen-Hua Ren, Gracemary Smulewitz, Melody Tomaszewicz
Nick Reichardt


1. Review

The group reviewed the previous meeting minutes and assignments from the September 22 Docs Meeting. All of the assignments were completed.

Before beginning the first agenda item the group reviewed and made several corrections and additions to the MON-NEW procedures.

2. SER-NEW/ SER-NEW-OL Procedures

3. Discussion


  1. AR/BH to type in "SHADOWED" in the Access files on LSM T-Drive when no holdings can be found for a Marcive title
  2. AR/BH will notify Stephanie whenever a monthly Monograph database becomes completely finished and Ellen when the Monthly Serial Marcive list.(i.e. all items have status of DONE or SHADOWED)


  1. BH will update and distribute Marcive MON-NEW procedures on or before 10/28/03
  2. AR will update and distribute Marcive SER-NEW/OL procedures on or before 10/28/03
  3. Bib/Cat group will distribute updated version of the "Serial within a Series" guide on or before 10/28/03
  4. BH will add "Kardex" to the list of locations on the Powersearch Guide
  5. GovDocs group will review the updated MON-NEW, SER-NEW/OL and Serials within a series procedures before the next meeting takes place.

Next Meeting ľNovember 11, 2003 at ALEX Next Recorder: Nick Reichardt, Gracemary Smulewitz

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