Minutes of May 19, 2004 meeting

Andrew Ruggiero (Chair), Ellen Calhoun, Gracemary Smulewitz, Stephanie Bartz, Harriet DeCeunynck, Diane Walker, Paul Cabelli, Suzanne Posluszny, Melody Tomaszewicz, Bob Hosh, Elizabeth Leister (recorder).


  1. Review of April Minutes
  2. Background Notes Discussion
  3. Review of ALEX/LSM MARCIVE summary statistics
  4. Discussion on different formats with the Congressional Hearings
  5. Announcements

1. Review of April minutes

Re: EL's question to Bob Warwick about changing date cat to Today. This question also involved what changes to bibliographic records trigger sending the record to RLIN. Changing the date cataloged from Never to Today will automatically send the record to RLIN, whether this is done in the Units or in Cataloging. Other changes made to the record in the Units, such as adding a 928, do not trigger a new record being sent to RLIN. The date cataloged can be changed back to Never, but GMS recommended that the policy should be to only change the date cataloged once. The minutes were then approved with changes.

2. Background notes

GPO has provided records for both serials and monographs over time. Our decision was to follow GPOs recent tendency to treat these titles as serials. The most recent paper version for each country will be retained, and records for the electronic versions will be merged with the paper. A problem has surfaced with electronic versions of Background note titles that have not been identified as duplicates of paper records. Records for electronic versions for several countries have had MARC holdings for tangible items added and the date cataloged changed to Today. The date cataloged should not be changed until the format has been changed (Serials Cataloging will change the date cataloged at the point of cataloging), or until it has been determined that there are no tangible holdings for a given country.

A lengthy discussion ensued about the timing for checking holdings. It is difficult to determine the appropriateness of a merge, i.e., which format to retain as the root record, when there are an online record and a record for a tangible format with the item status pending. It was suggested that holdings should be checked for titles with pending as the only indication of physical holdings. EC will create a report for items with status pending to send to AR and BH to check holdings before the list is dedup.ed

We also discussed how to fold MARCIVE work into our normal workflow. EL raised the issue that MARCIVE reverses our normal workflow, in that we work from the record to the item(s), rather than from the item to the appropriate record. Some suggestions for normalizing processes were: 1. NBL should probably keep records for non-tangible items sent to Serials Cataloging as is the case with tangible items; 2. Send blue sheets to HD when reporting duplicate monographs (she can discard sheets when finished); 3. add a new line to the Serials processing form for change date cat when submitting format changes to indicate that holdings are complete.

3. ALEX and LSM processing summary statistics were reviewed.

4. Congressional hearings

EC proposed accepting whichever bib record GPO provides for the hearings ecords were for print, now receiving online only records and add holdings to that record. Collection Services will adjust SUDOC number on detailed items in IRIS.

5. Announcements

SB creates report for mon-change/mon-new records reloaded from the review file; mon/change is ready to be worked on.

PC, AR, GS, and BH have met about unit workflows for monographs and serials.
PC, GS, SP, BH and EC need to meet about maps processing.

6. Other decisions

SB can delete records for D 15 posters which NBL doesn't select from the Defense Dept., provided they are not selected by either Camden or Dana.

Next meetings: June 8th at ALEX - 10:00am

Next Recorder - Suzanne Posluszny, Andrew Ruggiero

Submitted by Elizabeth Leister

Meeting called to order at 10:10

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