Minutes of December 14, 2004 meeting

[Chair] Andrew R. [Recorder] Ellen C.; Paul C., Diane W., Suzanne P., Stephanie B., Melody T., Bob H. Absent:Gracemary S., Elizabeth L.


  1. Review and approve previous meeting minutes
  2. Duplicates received in the depository shipments (DW)
  3. Review communication from units to serials cataloging regarding d-dups (EL/AR)
  4. General Discussion Items


  1. Diane will send items received that are not on the GPO shipping list to SB or EC with date received and a post-it note explaining what they are. If they are duplicates the note will indicate c.2
  2. When working with duplicate serial records, check the date created. If the date created is later than the list you are working on, the dup will be caught on the next list. Do not send format change blue form to serials cataloging. We will rely on MARCIVE change records for bib updates.
  3. General Discussion:
    • SB and EC will review ALEX and LSM queries for never/pending/SLS files. We need to develop a list of problems and develop consensus for how to resolve them.
    • A Goal for 2005 should be to update existing procedures on the web page. We will review and prioritize updates for the next meeting.


  1. Holding code X-ALE-DOUP created for DOCUSMAP to be created for all libraries needing it


  1. EC to send revised SuDoc guide to AR as attachment in email for posting to web page
  2. BH to continue work on serials within series for January agenda item
  3. AR to ask Chris to send out X holding code translation list to Holdings Group.

Next meeting Febrary 8, 2005 time: 10:00 a.m. location: ALEX CSD
Next Recorder: Bob Hosh
Backup Recorder: Suzanne Posluszny

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