Minutes of December 13, 2005 meeting

Bob Hosh [Chair], Suzanne Posluszny [Recorder], Stephanie Bartz, Paul Cabelli, Ellen Calhoun, Elizabeth Leister, Melody Tomaszewicz [Guest], Diane Walker
Gracemary Smulewitz


  1. Review of previous minutes.
  2. Review of transmittal processing.
  3. Discussion of how to handle MARC statements and item displays for DOCUS ANNEX holdings of serial and monograph titles.
  4. Discussion of how to handle government publications with accompanying material.
  5. Review of where in the workflow date stamping and tattle taping occur at LSM and Alexander libraries
  6. Brief description and discussion of procedures for processing bound with document titles.


  1. Review of previous minutes
    • WThe October 2005 minutes were approved with corrections. EC will send minutes to Yasu Denda for posting on the web page
  2. Review of transmittal processing
    • WGroup reviewed US Depository Transmittal Processing Procedures (draft) document. Corrections were suggested by the group at both the ALEX and LSM locations. PC will make corrections and redistribute. MARC note suggested “Updated pages are interfiled in main volume” will be brought to TSCWG meeting for approval.
  3. Annex holdings
    • WDean Meister is now working in the Annex. The material is the Annex is shelved by Annex code and size. Holding statements do not reflect the current location of material housed in the Annex. The only sublocation used in the Annex is STACKS. EL and PC will bring this shelving location and call number scheme problem with suggestions to the next TSCWG meeting.
  4. Accompanying material
    • WBH will review material upon receipt and make decisions. Any questions will be directed to the Government Documents librarian. Current accompanying material procedures will be followed with the exception of a box being counted when material is contained in it.
  5. Stamping and tattle tape workflow
    • WDW stamps U.S. Depository material in red ink. Any other material received at Alex is stamped in black ink. Non-depository material received at LSM is also stamped in black ink. Only depository material is stamped at the time of receipt. Stamping and tattle taping are done after an item is received. DW will now only tattle tape Alex U.S. Depository monographs. BH will order date stamp for LSM and ask Receiving Coordinator, Sal Cardinale about stamping for LSM.
  6. Procedure for bound with documents
    • Will be discussed at next meeting


  1. PC will ask for approval for transmittal note on MARC statement
  2. EL/PC will discuss problem of call number scheme and location problem at Annex with suggestions
  3. BH will review accompanying material and direct questions to Government Documents librarian


  1. BH will order date stamp for LSM
  2. BH will ask SC about stamping of material at LSM
  3. PC will update U.S. Depository Transmittal Processing Procedures (draft) document and distribute


  1. Bound with procedures – will be discussed at next meeting

Next meeting: February 14, 2006 - LSM/Special Collections
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Next recorder: Elizabeth Leister
Back up recorder: Gracemary Smulewitz

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