Minutes of March 15, 2001 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Ellen Calhoun, Mary Fetzer, Rhonda Marker, Hector Perez-Gilbe (guest), Wen-Hua Ren (chair)

Hector Perez-Gilbe was invited by Mary to attend the meeting as a guest.

1. Minutes of the January 23, 2001 meeting were approved with no corrections.

2. Grant for cataloging old NJ documents

Ron Becker included GPC's request submitted by Mary and Rhonda in his General Operating Support grant application which was due February 15. Of the total amount of $288,000 applied for, the proportion given to GPC project was not specified (a day's worth per week?). The notification date for the grant is May 15. Mary and Ronda plan to meet with Ron again in the summer to work out the details. It was suggested that we put in a mini-grant proposal for cataloging more materials for the project.

3. Government Periodical Universe

Mary reported that after she submitted additional information to the Generalist Team for Networked Electronic Resources, the database was approved by the CDC. It is up and available on RUL web. The funding for the database mainly came from the LSM budget, with a minor contribution of $50 from the central funds. Mary will contact Theo Haynes for adding the database to the list of Indexes & Databases.

Wen mentioned that 89 out of the 244 periodicals indexed in the database have electronic version on the web. A separate list called Government Periodicals on the Web is available on top of the screen which contains all the web links to these titles. However, the link is not provided in individual records.

On the record display screen, the link for Locate a Copy of This Publication In Your Library leads to a statement as The full text of this publication may also be available on LEXIS-NEXIS Government Periodicals Universe. Mary agreed to contact CIS/GPU for posting RUL holding information on that page and ask whether the web link, if any, will be provided in the records.

The titles in the Government Periodicals on the Web list need to be sent to Lida Sak who will add records in IRIS for those not existing in IRIS with holding information for each unit. Rhonda will double check things such as PURLs and title changes.

4. Systems report: Cataloged documents not for Alex. & LSM

Rhonda asked if any committee member had a copy of the report provided by Harriette Hemmasi and tried to find out who ran the report. New reports can be produced if the data for the previous report are still available.

If the old report can't be found in the system, the committee can request the systems to run another report for both U.S. and NJ documents cataloged for Dana and Camden excluding Alex. and LSM as a location. Rhonda will see to it that the records in the report be listed alphabetically by title.

5. Listing of circulating document types

Ellen distributed Training Bulletin #1 - Circulating and Non-circulating Government Publications for Alexander Library, and pointed out that there was some confusion of designated circulating types with sub-locations for documents. Mary mentioned that she had sent to Ann Snowman several revisions for the bulletin.

It would be helpful if a general list is generated for TAS to identify which items circulate and which do not, for example, CD-ROMs. Ellen volunteered to write up such a list and email it to the committee for discussion and consensus. Rhonda will update the profile.

6. Other Business

Submissions for networked electronic resources:

Mary submitted two requests to the Social Science Subcommittee:

AcccessUN (backfile 1966+): There is one time payment of about $11,000 to take us back to 1966. It is an index with about 5,000+ full-text links. Eventually the database will be available (for an additional one-time fee) back to 1945. AccessUN will index all the print and fiche UN materials in Alexander Library, plus provides access to selected online materials for all RUL.

SourceOECD: Contains information for serials, monographs and statistical compendia. It costs around $9,500 to $10,000, of which $5,400 will come from Mary's fund.

Mary suggested that Auto-Graphics be put on hold for now and resubmitted sometime next year.

Requesting items to be listed on the Indexes and Databases list:

Ellen submitted three items and was asked to fill out the form Networked Resources: 'Free' Electronic Access Request Form which goes to Rebecca Gardner, Chair of WAC. She was also asked to write up the database descriptions and submit them to Theo Haynes for posting. The current request form is under revision.

Mary explained that the form that the selector is required to fill out, when submitting a request for purchasing a networked resource, has various entries. One entry asks who will provide the user documentation for library web pages including database description and search guide. The selector should indicate if the documentation will be available from the vendor or the selector or help is needed.

Information exchange:

A recent Collection Service Team meeting discussed the classified and unclassified periodicals and their locations in Alex.

DOC PER - unclassified, shelved by title
DOC R. R. - unbound current issues in the reading room; once bound, will go to DOC U.S. PER

Rhonda reported that TSC expressed some interest in the cost estimates for GPO tape load at its recent meeting. The librarians from the University of Delaware asked about the GPO records in RUL online catalog during their recent visit to Rutgers. It seems that there is growing interest in the GPO records. However, the committee agreed to wait till the AUL for TAS is in position to tackle the issue and seek for commitment for things like staff time and funding.

7. Next meeting date and location: April 26 (2 - 4 p.m.), TSB Conference Room.

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Wen-Hua Ren

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