Marcive Load Work Group
Minutes of October 16, 2003 Meeting

S. Bartz; E. Calhoun; H. DeCeunyck; R. Marker; W. Ren; G. Smulewitz (recorder); R. Warwick.
P. Cabelli; E. Leister

Minutes from 9/18/03 were reviewed. Minor revisions were suggested.

Maintenance of Reports

S.Bartz and E. Calhoun agreed to keep the current 3 months of text file reports provided by B. Warwick for both monograph and serial loads on the LSM T: drive.

MON-NEW-OL Records

Harriet will change date cataloged to today. She will review the files for the next few months to determine if the records could be added directly into IRIS with the Date Cataloged TODAY.

MON-NEW records

Y4s will be reviewed by Unit to correct duplicate records. Both SLS and Full monograph records are in IRIS for same title. In some cases both records say DOCUSM.

Workflow Review

Intent of the review is to evaluate record management from receipt to Unit action by reviewing flow of information and action and checking for redundancy.

The workflow for serial material that is given to E. Leister needs evaluation. R. Marker will put E. Leister's workflow description into a visual chart and the group will evaluate at next meeting.

Hanging Shipping List Records

B. Warwick was asked to provide a preliminary list of old SLS records. He will create a list from the August, September and October 2002 loads in separate files. GPO has had 14 months to produce full records. Elements in list will be:

  1. Title Control #
  2. Title
  3. SUDOC
  4. Item # (074)
  5. Library
  6. Home location
  7. Barcode.

Handling of Direct Receipts

For Direct Receipt SUDOC classed material received at Alex/LSM/Dana:

1. Non-depository direct receipts should be sent to cataloging because MARCIVE records are not expected for this category.

2. Direct receipts that predate our subscription can also be sent to cataloging. However, since we occasionally get records for older material, treatment of these records should be evaluated on a case by case basis.

3. Direct receipts for which a MARCIVE record is anticipated, should be held in the unit for 6 months. If no record has been received for the title during that time, it may be sent for cataloging.

All other libraries requiring LC classes, regardless of depository status, will send their titles to be cataloged.

Next Meeting: November 20th , 10:00 a.m. at TSB. Recorder: Bob Warwick.

On the agenda will be a discussion of the serials workflow, the workflow chart from Bob W., and the report on hanging SLS records from Bob W.

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