Minutes of Thursday, February 28, 2002 Meeting

Jazmine Faherty, Donna Kessler, Inta Sams, Kristen St. John, Marilyn Tankiewicz, and Sandra Troy (chair and recorder)
Libby Hart, Isabel O'Donovan-Keeley and Bernice Weinberg

The Health and Safety Committee is in the final stages of arranging for CPR certification courses for RUL employees. Marilyn Tankiewicz has replaced Inta Sams on the CPR project. M. Tankiewicz will draft an announcement to go out by email from Marilyn Wilt who will coordinate the announcement and registration. The deadline to register will be March 8. There will be three classes in the Special Collections Room, LSM, Busch Campus. Two on Wednesday, March 20 and one on Thursday, March 21. CPR certification classes for Newark and Camden will be arranged by Isabel O'Donovan-Keeley and Libby Hart for their respective campuses. Questions about CPR training should be addressed to M. Tankiewicz

Jazmine Faherty and Kristen St. John completed the 2nd draft of the emergency manual. They continue to refine the document. Kristen St. John is doing the "water damage" section and updating the "salvage at a glance" chart. Jazmine Faherty has added (911) wherever "notify campus police" is mentioned in the manual (Note: 911 is to be dialed from an outside line) and the majority of the floor plans have been added to the manual. Answers from the university police to questions about the amount of distance to congregate from the building during an emergency evacuation, and what other areas besides parking lots are not considered safe havens are: congregate at least 300 feet from the building but distance depends on the size of a device or emergency situation, and in a bomb emergency it is not safe to congregate in any area where there are cars.

The Committee began discussion on a one page guideline for emergency drills for review by the unit directors. Donna Kessler will query Emergency Services to see if they already have a procedures in force. During the discussion it was again stressed that people should exit from the nearest exit and not their usual way of leaving the building through the front door. They are not to be concerned about setting off emergency alarms. There are disaster plan charts showing evacuation routes posted in buildings.

We celebrated Inta Sams' retirement from Rutgers University. She has been an active and expert member of the Committee for many years. Ms. Kelly Worth will be the New Brunswick Libraries new representative from the Douglass Library to the Health and Safety Committee.

The next meeting of the committee is scheduled for Wednesday April 3, 2002 in the Special Collections Room, LSM, at noon.

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