Minutes of June 20, 2002 Meeting

Rosalba Barbalace, Jazmine Faherty, Isabel O'Donovan-Keeley, Kristen St. John, Sandra Troy (chair and recorder), Bernice Weinberg and Kelly Worth attended the June 20, 2002, meeting of the Health and Safety Committee in the Special Collections Room, LSM; Libby Hart, Donna Kessler and Marilyn Tankiewicz were absent.

Officer Swannetta Pitt, Rutgers University Police, spoke to the Committee in preparation for emergency drills and actual emergencies.

Kelly Worth arranged a preliminary meeting with Officer Pitt prior to scheduling the drills in New Brunswick. We showed Officer Pitt, page 2 of the Libraries Emergency Procedure Manual, our guidelines for emergency drills or an actual emergency. The officer followed the guidelines in her discussion. The police suggest a point contact person to meet the police, floor plans and master lists of personnel and key persons on each floor to assist in evacuation of the buildings.

Library employees should be aware of all emergency exits in the building. In case of an emergency they may need to use another exit and not the one they use everyday. It can be a real hazard if everyone in the building exits from the front door.

In an emergency, employees should take their personal belongings with them. This aids the police search through the building and will make a difference for employees who can't get back in the building to get their keys, bags, etc., if it is required that the building stay closed.

Officer Pitt recommended we be alert, monitor situations/people, be safety conscious for yourself and for those around you; be alert to suspicious packages and people, and try to remember visual details. Another important detail is to become familiar with the perimeter of the library buildings and to be aware of anything suspicious, e.g., bicycles left in bike racks for long time; cars left for long time in the parking lots, or cars with no tags. The Committee went outside with the police officer and walked around the entire perimeter of LSM. The Health and Safety Committee will meet at all the library buildings with Officer Pitt and do walkabouts. Meetings have been scheduled at Alexander Library and the Art Library on July 2; Douglass Library on July 9; and Kilmer Library and the Technical and Automated Services Bldg. on July 11. All the meetings will begin at 9:00 a.m. and on July 2 the Committee will meet in the lobby at Alexander. After these preliminary meetings, meetings with staff in each building will be scheduled and only after that, will the drills be conducted. Similar meetings will be scheduled by Isabel O'Donovan-Keeley for Dana Library and Libby Hart for Robeson Library.

A CPR class is scheduled for June 27 at LSM at 1:00 p.m. For information, contact Bernice Weinberg at bew@rci.rutgers.edu.

Cabinet, Alcohol Studies Library and the SMLR Library have been mailed copies of the Emergency Manuals.

Respectfully submitted,
Sandra Troy

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