Minutes of June 8, 2004 Meeting

Henry Charles, Bonita Grant, Bill Puglisi, Sandra Troy (chair and recorder), and Kelly Worth attended the June 8, 2004 meeting of the Libraries Health and Safety Committee in the Nicholas Rutgers Conference Room, Alexander Library. Zohreh Bonianian, Kristi Conover, Libby Hart, Christine Ingram, Donna Kessler and Jill Morrow were excused.

Emergency preparedness continues to be a high priority. See WWW.ready.gov for information about planning for emergencies. A planning list for buildings includes: know where the closest emergency exit is and an alternative exit as well; take cover against a desk or under a table if things are falling; move away from file cabinets, bookshelves or other things that might fall; face away from windows and glass; move away from exterior walls; determine if you should stay put, shelter-in place or get away; listen for and follow instructions; take your emergency kit, unless there is reason to think it is contaminated; do not use elevators; stay to the right going down stairs to allow for emergency workers to come up. The Committee adds to use your common sense in emergency situations. For information at Rutgers there is a Web site on Emergency Preparedness and Helpful Resources at http://ruweb.rutgers.edu/emergencyresources/

The safety issue of having a flashlight was stressed. Employees are advised to purchase their own flashlights. The cost is minimal and this is a matter of personal safety. On the other hand, departments are responsible for keeping first aid kits up-to-date.

We remind RUL employees that there are designated Safe Places for emergencies. Alexander Library's Safe Place is Buccleuch Park. Douglass Library is Antilles Field, Art Library is the Voorhees Mall, LSM is the lawn outside the front door moving as far away from the building as possible; Kilmer is to the left as you leave the main doors in the field between the Kilmer Library and the Janice Levin Building; TAS is by the ASB building. At Dana, go to the Robeson Campus Center across the plaza. Robeson Library employees may contact Libby Hart for this information. The university police recommend that employees should get in the habit of going to the Safe Place whether it is a drill or a real emergency. Kelly Worth is working with University Police Officer Swanetta Pitt about new emergency procedures. Kelly will schedule a meeting with Officer Pitt.

CPR training last took place at RUL in March 2002 and 50 RUL employees were certified. We are exploring if it's not to late for re-certification. Kristi Conover is the contact person on this. She reported that Les Barta is no longer at Rutgers and the new contact is Mike Smith. Kristi submitted information about courses offered.

The Committee plans to meet over the summer.

Respectfully submitted,
Sandra Troy

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