Minutes of July 24, 2008 Meeting

John Brennan; Henry Charles; Kristi Conover; Bonita Grant; Libby Hart (by video conference); Chris Ingram; Jill Morrow; Francoise Puniello ex-officio member; Bill Puglisi; Sandra Troy, chair
Kelly Worth and Penny Weniger

Barry Lipinski will be replacing Penny Weniger and Bonita Grant replaced Tim Corlis as Committee members. Penny and Tim served ably and we thank them for their service.

As a first step in updating the emergency manuals, Troy distributed relevant materials: Kimberly Kaiser sent us a handout from a recent NJ State Library workshop on "Preventing and Preparing for Library Disasters, a second item distributed was "Seven Steps to Employee Preparedness", and the third" Robeson Library Emergency Procedures for Evacuation, Emergency Lockdown and Shelter in Place. These materials contain up-to-date language and information that is timely and relevant to current issues. The committee members will read and review them.
As the next step, Brennan suggested each member take a section of the old manual for review and update. Puniello organized this and asked for volunteers. The Committee members agreed to do the following:

Shelter in Place and Lockdown, (Hart)
Floor plans (Puglisi)
Overview (Troy)
Telephone Lists (Charles)
Fire (Grant)
Bomb Threats (Brennan)
Medical Emergencies (Ingram)
Police Emergencies (Puglisi)
Power Failures (Conover)
Water Damage (Morrow)
Weather Conditions (Brennan)
Student Demonstrations (Puniello)

The Committee will meet in September and members will report on their findings.

Respectfully submitted,
S. Troy

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